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St. Johns Men's Cologne and Aftershave
Natural Boar Bristle Shaving Brush


While keeping a well-groomed beard may seem like a simple task to the untrained eye, those who are familiar with the art of men’s grooming know that a healthy flock of facial hair requires consistent upkeep with high-quality shaving products.

At The Vermont Country Store, our collection of men’s shaving and grooming products makes the cut. Designed with care, these A plus personal products are also equipped with a vintage feel that’ll transport a man back to his favorite old fashioned barbershop.

Even if he can’t make the trip to the barber that day, he can enjoy a close shave that looks and feels like the work of a master, straight from the comfort of his own home! Thanks to our old school shaving brushes, high-quality personal care items, and other first-rate shaving products, every man can sport a shave that others will envy.

Lather your face with high-quality soaps, shaving brushes and more

A truly exceptional shaving and grooming collection starts with high-quality soaps and shaving brushes. Our musky shaving soap trio not only acts as a soothing cleanser, it also works wonders as shaving cream. Whip it up in our old fashioned ceramic shaving mugs, and don’t forget to use our natural bristle shaving brushes to turn it into a rich, creamy lather. Handcrafted with badger or boar bristles, these soft, durable shaving brushes will whip up soaps or shaving cream and push it into each contour of his face, guaranteeing a close, comfortable shave.

With The Vermont Country Store’s men’s shaving and grooming products, every man can conquer the art of shaving in no time.

Trim facial hair with durable men’s grooming products

Whether it’s shaving off stubble or trimming a lengthy beard, our men’s personal care products feature the best tools a man can get. Our stainless steel double edge safety razors are thicker and heavier than your average disposable blades, so not only will they hold their edge better, they’ll hug his face for a closer shave. For frequent shavers, we advise keeping a backup set of these shaving products handy with our pack of 10 replacement blades.

Keep a beard neat and sleek with first-rate men’s grooming tools in our shaving and grooming collection.

When it comes to maintaining a well-kept beard, our men’s grooming supplies feature a range of knick-knacks to keep it from looking like a bird’s nest. Tame a bushy beard with our beard brush. Designed with boar bristles, this beard brush features uneven bristle lengths, in order to run smoothly through the coarsest of beards, without damaging individual hairs.

Every beard deserves a bit of TLC, which is why a few drops of our botanical beard oil will nourish, moisturize, and refresh a beard with babassu and jojoba oils. This organic formula will restore a beard from sun damage and take a man’s beard grooming routine to the next level.

Lather on our distinguished aftershaves for luscious freshness

No men’s shaving and grooming collection would be complete without a range of men’s aftershave products and eau de colognes. After all, looking his handsome best isn’t just about how his face looks, it’s about how it smells and feels to a loved one’s touch. The citrusy blends and musky aromas of our various aftershaves and shaving products will coat a man’s face with freshness and have him hitting the streets feeling extra dapper.

Zoom in on small features with handy personal care items

At The Vermont Country Store, our men’s shaving and grooming products come complete with helpful tools to help a man shave like a pro. Soothe remaining nicks with a dab of our vitamin A nick sealer, examine your face for extra hairs and remaining stubble with our magnifying mirrors, and access hairs in hard-to-reach areas with our crane ear and nose hair trimmer.

When it comes to providing men with a close shave, a polished beard, and a handsome scent, our men’s shaving and grooming products don’t miss a spot.