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Welcome to our Preserves collection at The Vermont Country Store, where we celebrate the art of preserving tradition and flavor. Dive into our handpicked selection from pickles, preserved fruits, jarred soups, and more, all meticulously crafted to capture the essence of peak-season produce and time-honored recipes.

Experience the Sweetness of Preserved Fruits

Savor the sweetness of summer all year round with our selection of preserved fruits meticulously prepared to capture the peak flavors of the harvest season. Whether you're craving the tartness of preserved cherries, the sweetness of peaches in syrup, or the robust flavor of spiced apple slices, our preserved fruits offer a delightful taste of nostalgia in every bite.

Enjoy them straight from the jar as a sweet treat, or use them to elevate your baking and dessert recipes with their natural sweetness and vibrant flavors. With our preserved fruits, you can indulge in the taste of tradition whenever the craving strikes.

Delight in the Convenience of Canned and Jarred Foods

Experience the convenience of ready-to-use canned and jarred items that make mealtime prep a breeze. From jarred soups to condiments, our collection of canned food offers a variety of options to simplify your cooking routine without compromising on flavor or quality.

Stock your pantry with essentials like sauces for quick and easy weeknight dinners. With our canned and jarred items selection, you'll always have delicious and convenient meal options at your fingertips.

Shop Now and Preserve Tradition in Your Kitchen

Transform your kitchen into a culinary sanctuary with the timeless flavors of The Vermont Country Store's Preserves collection. Shop now and experience the unparalleled quality and taste of our handpicked selection of pickles, preserved fruits, and canned or jarred items, guaranteed to add a touch of nostalgia and flavor to your meals.