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Men's Classic Leather Slippers
Men's Walking Shoe


Whether it's appliances, clothing, or furniture, things just don't last as long as they used to. In fact, it sometimes seems impossible to find quality products that won't fall apart or break after just a few uses. Whatever happened to items that were built to last?

Here at The Vermont Country Store, we have fully committed ourselves to providing our loyal customers with durable, long-lasting, and classic items that will enrich their lives for years to come. So when it comes to selecting our men's footwear, men's boots, and other men's shoes, we hold ourselves to a high standard for both materials and craftsmanship that the big chain stores simply can't match.

Surprisingly Tough, Yet Cozy Men's Slippers

Shearling, fleece, leather and deerskin: these heavy duty materials may sound like the components of men's work boots, but they're actually the secret behind our comfy and durable men's slippers. Our men's footwear includes an array of sheepskin booties with suede outers and plush interiors, cotton blend slipper socks, soft fleece booties, and of course the classic leather men's slippers. This footwear for men will keep your toes toasty warm on even the coldest winter nights, but feel free to wear them to get the mail or a quick trip to the grocery store--they're so stylish, no one will be able to tell your slippers from ordinary men's footwear! This fancy footwear for men flies off the shelves, so pick up a pair while you still can.

Classic Moccasins and Slip-On Men's Footwear

The ultimate answer to preppy men's shoes, these spiffy moccasins will leave you feeling comfortable and stylish all day long. With a plush layer of micro terry lining throughout and a breathable cotton-polyester blend as the outer layer, this men's footwear won't make your feet sweat or absorb unpleasant odors. The memory foam cushion insole conforms to your foot, so it will seem like these men's shoes were made for you. Choose from a handsome blue and white seersucker outer or a quilted navy terrycloth for a sophisticated shoe that you can wear with your pajamas around the house or for running errands in town.

Men's Boots, Socks, and So Much More

For all your men's footwear needs, from casual shoes to dress shoes, The Vermont Country Store has got you covered. While the big chain stores have all the hottest trends, the unmatched quality and durability of our footwear for men means they'll last for years to come.