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Deep-Dish Ceramic Pie Plate
Stainless Steel Mini Stovetop Smoker
Pie Crust Bag


What could be better than the smell of something wonderful baking in the kitchen? With cookware and bakeware from The Vermont Country Store, you won't have to worry about calling the family for dinner--they'll all be eagerly waiting at the table before the food's even out of the oven! From simple measuring cups to funky appliances, we have all the kitchen essentials you need to prepare perfect meals with ease.

Baking Accessories and Kitchen Essentials

Our cookware and bakeware collection is perfect for novice bakers all the way up to experienced chefs. Broiler pans, liquid measuring cups, baking pans, and an old-fashioned hand crank egg beater are just a few of the kitchen gadgets we carry. When it comes to small cooking appliances, we've got them all, so try out a stainless steel toaster, slow cooker, or indoor grill to simplify the cooking process.

Any pie lovers out there, be sure to browse our selection of pie crust shields, tapered rolling pins, ceramic pie plates (which make a beautiful gift), drip catchers, and a food mill that makes preparing fruit pies a walk in the park. Prefer cakes to pies? Our non-stick loaf pan ensures gorgeous cakes and breads every time, while a batter bowl with both metric and English measurements makes it easier than ever to add out just the right amount of each ingredient.

Specialty Cookware and Bakeware

Sometimes making dinner night after night can really get old, especially when you're feeling uninspired. But our quirky, unique cookware and bakeware makes preparing food a blast, and little helpers will be eager to join in the fun, too. For breakfast, a crepe pan produces fancy French pastries in just minutes, but they'll taste like you spent hours slaving away in the kitchen. Perfect for the kids, our Peanuts waffle maker produces three delicious waffles at a time in the image of Charlie Brown, his loyal dog Snoopy, and Snoopy's famous dog house. All you have to do is pour in the batter--this quick-cooking waffle maker does the rest for you.

But our whimsical cookware and bakeware doesn't stop after breakfast time. Grown-ups will love the easy cleanup, portability, and convenient carrying case that comes with our barbecue bucket, while kids will love that dad is making burgers for dinner! If barbecuing isn't your forte, never fear--a Snoopy-themed electric hot dog toaster will crisp up your buns and heat up your dogs in mere minutes, no messy charcoal or lighter fluid required. No matter your level of kitchen expertise, our cookware and bakeware includes something for everyone.