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Blue Willow Teapot
Right-Handed Handwarmer Pottery Mug
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Glass Mugs With Handles, Set of 4


Whether a warm cup of tea soothes your soul, or you’re a coffee connoisseur, you can brew your favorite cup right from your own home with coffee and tea accessories from The Vermont Country Store. From stainless steel tea pots and stove top percolators to cast iron kettles and mugs that fit perfectly in your hand, we’ve got the tools you need to make and enjoy your next warm cup.

Stainless Steel for Superior Flavored Brews

Stainless steel tea kettles and coffee pots are durable and if cared for properly, can last many years. Unlike the clay pots popular in many Asian countries, stainless steel pots don’t absorb any of the flavors that have been brewed in them. This means you can brew a variety of delicate tea blends without worrying about altering each unique flavor.

Percolators and tea pots made from stainless steel can be used directly on the stovetop, and won’t chip or crack over time. They are also very easy to wash with hot soapy water, and unlike silver kettles, you won’t have to worry about them tarnishing over time. At The Vermont Country Store, we know that practical durability is important to you, which is why we’ve stocked our shelves with these high quality coffee and tea accessories.

Find You New Favorite Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups

Make your morning coffee and tea even more enjoyable with a mug that fits your hands just right. From enameled steel mugs with a vintage look to ceramic hand warmer mugs designed for both righties and lefties, The Vermont Country Store carries a wide range of mugs to make that first cup of tea or coffee extra special.

Make your tea and coffee time extra special with pretty prints and fun designs. From hand drawn Christmas characters to the Peanuts Gang to our a Peter Rabbit collection, you’re sure to find a design you’ll want to share and display when friends and family come round.

As you shop our selection of mugs, be sure to consider what you think makes a good coffee or tea cup. Here are some questions to think about as you shop:

1) What size is best for you?

If you're someone who drinks a lot of coffee or tea, you may think an extra large cup is the way to go. But remember, the flavor of coffee and tea change depending on temperature. If you don't mind the taste of room temperature coffee, an extra large cup will save you from making many trips back to the coffee maker. But a smaller mug may mean a single serving that's just the right temperature in every sip.

2) Do you want a lid?

A mug with a lid will protect your drink from dust and dirt while also helping to maintain the temperature of your drink. If you're on the go with a hot beverage, you'll definitely want a mug with a lid to protect you from messy spills.

3) Should you get a mug with a handle or no handle?

Handles on tea cups and coffee mugs make it easier to hold a hot cup. If you're not traveling with your beverage, we recommend choosing a mug with a handle, and for an extra bit of warmth, try a hand warmer mug that's made with a special pocket perfectly sized for chilly fingers.

Whether you want a mug to travel with, or something to sip from as you read the morning paper, The Vermont Country Store has a selection of practical and pretty tea cups and coffee mugs to fit your lifestyle and tastes.