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Kitchen Utensils

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Natural Wooden Toast Tongs
Stainless Steel Balloon Whisk


If you want to do a job right, you’ll need all the right tools, and our kitchen utensils and gadgets are certainly the right ones to get any kitchen-related job done. Here at The Vermont Country Store, our wide array of kitchen utensils and gadgets ranges from classic paring knives and soup spoons to handcrafted tongs and salad servers to unique kitchen items like a nonstick knife to make quick work of cheeses, fudge or pies. Whether you're a regular Julia Child or still learning your way around the kitchen, these kitchen utensils and gadgets are here to help you make quick work of any meal preparation.

Classic Kitchen Tools for a Well Stocked Kitchen

Restock on all your basic kitchen utensils and gadgets, made with the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship. Take our steak knife set, for example: these stainless steel creations have securely riveted wooden handles and are plenty sharp enough to slide through steaks, pork chops, and other meats with no effort at all. Have your soup spoons gone into the dishwasher and mysteriously disappeared, never to return again? Refill your silverware drawer with a polished stainless steel set with a broad, flat bowl ideal for enjoying both hearty chilis, thick purees and delicious savory broths. And for a taste of real Vermont craftsmanship, look no further than our sturdy salad tongs. These unique kitchen items are available in both cherry wood and beautiful maple, so pick your favorite and serve up those healthy greens with ease.

Unique Kitchen Items, only at The Vermont Country Store

Even struggled with cutting a stubborn block of cheese, or become increasingly frustrated as the cake you were attempting to cut merely squished around and crumbled beneath your knife? These minor kitchen frustrations can build to extreme annoyances over time. That's why our selection of kitchen utensils and gadgets contains specialized items to make your mealtimes run just a bit smoother. Our ergonomic cheese knife, for example, has an adorable Swiss cheese-like holey pattern that's as clever as it is cute: the holes help to release the slice from the knife, so you won't have to pry it from the blade as with a regular paring knife. Bakers will adore our sticky food knife, too: the large cutouts mean the blade won't squish your cakes as it slides gently through, giving you perfect, smooth slices every single time.

No matter the kitchen utensils and gadgets you need, you'll find the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship here at The Vermont Country Store.