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When it comes to cutting boards, you have a lot of options. We realize the sheer amount of choices can be overwhelming. There are so many materials you can choose for a cutting board. From plastic to bamboo, silicone, glass, and stone, different materials have their pros and cons.

While you might have a difficult time deciding which type to get, we believe there’s one material that stands above the rest—wood! At The Vermont Country Store, we carry a wide selection of wooden cutting and carving boards. Take a look at our selection and get to mincing, dicing, and julienning in no time!

Cutting Boards and Carving Boards: What’s The Difference?

While the two are very similar, there are a few notable differences between a cutting board and a carving board. The main difference between them is that a carving board contains a drain around its edge made for collecting meat juices. Carving boards are designed for carving meat, while cutting boards are made for chopping fruits and vegetables. While you could technically use them interchangeably, a cutting board is crafted for a chopping motion while a carving board is designed for motions and impact at an angle.

Additionally, for food safety, it’s important to have separate, designated surfaces for chopping produce and for working with meat. Be sure to follow best practices in the kitchen by investing in quality options.

How to Care for Your Cutting and Carving Boards

Once you get your hands on a quality wood cutting board, you won’t want to go back to any of the ones you’ve previously used. You’ll also want to take proper care of this investment. First, you should never place these quality wood boards in the dishwasher. Handwash yours with soap and hot water, wipe them down and allow them to dry vertically.

For longevity, every so often you should apply a wood conditioner. Our food-safe mineral oil for cutting boards, salad bowls, and wooden utensils will add luster to your cutting and carving boards while protecting them for longer. When properly cared for, these gorgeous pieces should last for many years. That is why it’s important to treat them with kindness (and mineral oil).

Show Your Love of Vermont with a Cutting Board

In our selection of cutting boards, you’ll discover pieces that showcase one’s love of Vermont. We carry a gorgeous cutting board made from solid maple that features a maple leaf design and the word “Vermont.”

You’ll also find cutting boards from JK Adams. They craft some of the highest quality cutting boards and they’re based in Vermont, too. So, if you’re looking for well-made cutting boards of all sizes, carving boards for roasts and steaks, and the proper wood conditioner to care for them, look no further than The Vermont Country Store.