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Fuller Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper
Mineral Oil
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Flour Sack White Cotton Towel Set, In 2 Sizes
Fuller Wet Mop


It's inevitable that our homes get dirty--family members track in mud and dirt, drinks get spilled, plates of spaghetti are dropped, bathrooms develop strange scum and grime all over the place. But keeping a clean, neat, and tidy home doesn't have to be difficult. Here at The Vermont Country Store, we know that newer isn't always better, which is why many of our cleaning solutions for the home are the popular items from yesteryear that our mothers and grandmothers used. These proven home cleaning supplies might not grace the shelves of many big box stores anymore, but they are made with the same effective formulas and quality materials that have cut through tough dirt and grime for decades. The Vermont Country Store has all the cleaning products from the past that have stood the test of time.

Home Cleaning Items for Sparkling Floors

Tidying up your house might be a labor of love, but that doesn't mean it has to be labor intensive. With decades of clean floors backing up their claims, these floor cleaning products for the home get the job done in no time at all. For carpets that could use some freshening up, try an electrostatic sweeper that's lightweight and easily maneuvered, or a vacuum cleaner that quickly picks up even the tiniest particles. Linoleum, tile, and hardwood floors will thank you for using our soft and wooly dust mop to trap dust and a soft sponge mop with a sturdy steel handle for stubborn messes. And for floors so shiny you can see yourself in them, the discontinued but amazingly effective Jubilee kitchen wax is one of our best home cleaning items for protecting your floors and leaving them sparkling.

A Tidy Kitchen Means a Happy Family

The kitchen is the heart of the home: it's where meals are made, laughter is shared, and good times are had by all. But did you know that the kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in your household? When it comes to protecting your loved ones from germs, our home cleaning agents are perfect to sanitize your kitchen so you can feel safe and secure at home. We have scrub brushes galore, biodegradable tile cleaners, store-flat kitchen sponges made from natural materials, and many more cleaning products for the home to help you keep your kitchen neat and tidy with ease.

Our home cleaning items aren't just antique cleaning products from the past--they're time-tested, old-fashioned standbys that decades of homemakers swear by, and that you can trust to keep the family home clean and safe.