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At The Vermont Country Store, we love the look of decorative pillows. Both extremely comfortable and stylish, a correctly placed decorative pillow (or two, or three!) can make a bold statement in any room. Place a decorative throw pillow on your couch, entryway bench, or on a bed to make a space instantly feel more cozy and complete.

A Decorative Pillow for Every Room

When we decorate a room we tend to focus on what’s going to be hung on the walls or placed on a shelf. But why aren’t we thinking more about pieces that are both decorative and functional? When it comes to this, throw pillows are a great place to start.

Throw Pillow Distinctions

You may be thinking that a throw pillow is just a throw pillow, but this simply isn’t the case. With the right throw pillows, you can create a look that’s modern, or one that’s traditional—all based on placement, design, and other surrounding furnishings in the room. At The Vermont Country Store, we know that there are so many different factors to consider when choosing the right decorative pillows for your home. Below are just a few characteristics you can look at when choosing these lovely pillows for your home.

Material- When choosing the right accent pillow, take material into consideration. Where will you new throw pillows live? What materials will they be paired with? When it comes to throw pillows, you can go bold. Don’t be afraid to explore the look and feel of unexpected textures.

Filling - Pillows with a foam or synthetic filling will hold their shape nicely but look less plump. Feather and down filled pillows have more give and plushness, but are also more expensive than the filling alternatives. Take household allergies into consideration when choosing your decorative pillows, as some fillings aggravate more than others.

Colors and Patterns - The brightest of colors or subdued hues, busy patterns or a solid face, pillows can absolutely draw attention to aspects of your space and elevate your home’s decor in ways you may have never imagined. Add a pop of color, or play with mixing patterns to add interest to any room.

Shape - While you may only be thinking in terms of square or rectangular, there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to throw pillows. A circular pillow can work wonderfully in certain spaces and create a look that a square pillow simply can’t achieve. There are also cylindrical pillows for lumbar support that work well in chairs and on beds. These are especially great for those who enjoy sitting up and reading in bed.

Trim - A tassel here or a bit of lace there, the decorative trim on a throw pillow has the potential to be the cherry on top of your living room decor. Don’t be afraid to go bolder than normal with a decorative pillow.

Match Your Pillows to Window Treatments

Decorative pillows from The Vermont Country Store have been created in the same fabrics as some of your favorite window treatments. Whether you choose a valance, swag, or curtain panel, their may be a pillow available to match! This can take your home decor to an entirely new level. Match your pillows to window treatments or window treatments to your pillows, for a cohesive look with impact and undeniable style.