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In this day and age, all of us lead busy lives. Spending time with friends and family, going to work, doing the grocery shopping, and running errands: it all adds up! And that doesn't even include all the chores that keep your household running smoothly, like vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, and doing the laundry. These little chores can add up to a big chunk of your day, leaving less time for doing the things you love.

Luckily, with time tested housekeeping accessories and classic household cleaning products, maintaining the picture-perfect home is easier and quicker than one might think. From dirty floor solutions to laundry time savers, these old-fashioned housekeeping products have stood the test of time and proven again and again their quality and efficiency.

Housekeeping Accessories for Neat and Tidy Floors

It happens to all of us: the kids forget to leave their snow-covered shoes at the door, or the dog gets a bit too enthusiastic playing in the mud, and before you know it your carpets and hardwood floors are coated in dirt and grime. But nifty old-fashioned housekeeping products are here to help! An electrostatic carpet sweeper collects even large particles of debris from your carpets and rugs. These housekeeping accessories are ultra-light thanks to a durable plastic construction, so you can easily maneuver them up and down stairs and around corners. It's simpler than a broom and dustpan, and doesn't require any electricity to operate, making it the perfect solution for a quick cleanup. Our vacuums, too, are the ultimate housekeeping accessories: they come from legacy brands and are quality guaranteed to last through even the heftiest messes. And to quickly remove pet hair from all floor types and furniture too, our lightweight electrostatic pet broom will soon become your weapon of choice.

Bathroom Cleaners and Household Cleaning Products

Cleaning the bathroom doesn't have to be an icky task. Our housekeeping accessories like magnetic toilet bowl cleaners, long-handled sponge mops, an ultra efficient multipurpose household cleaner, and heavy duty cleaning gloves will eliminate all traces of unpleasant residue from your toilet, shower and sink in just minutes. These old-fashioned cleaning supplies make it easier than ever to maintain a sparkling clean bathroom.

Dirty Laundry? Not Anymore!

Our spot remover, sweater stone, and vintage soaps will get your clothes feeling fresh and new in no time at all. With housekeeping accessories from The Vermont Country Store, you can remove grease and grass stains with ease, save on electricity with simple air-dry solutions, wash your delicates with no snagging or tangling, and iron without your clothes slipping off the board.

The sooner your household chores are done, the faster you can get back to doing what you love and spending time with your family and friends. So don't hesitate--let our housekeeping accessories lend you a helping hand and turn tedious chores into a breeze.