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Canvas Log Carrier


Centuries of Americans have gathered around the family fireplace and hearth to listen to stories, play games, or thaw their frozen hands and feet after a hard day's work. Not only did the fireplace and hearth fill the home with warmth and light, it filled the family members with happy memories of this cherished pastime.Though fireplaces are now more of a luxury than the home's main source of heat, this rustic structure lives on to the modern day. Perhaps it's the allure of the fire's flickering orange flames, the comforting scent of burning wood, or the way the warmth feels after a cold winter day. Whatever the reason, even centuries later, the tradition of lighting a fire still has not faded from the American household. Keep the tradition alive and keep your fireplace and hearth warm and burning bright with these functional and stylish fireplace and wood stove accessories.

Wood Stove Accessories

Let these wood stove accessories simplify the process of lighting a fire. Firestarters made from natural, 100 percent recycled materials like paraffin, wood pulp, egg cartons and sawdust are an environmentally friendly way to warm your home and get the wood stove going without endless stoking. A canvas log carrier eliminates the need for frequent trips outside by letting you carry many logs with ease, and can fold up out of sight during the warmer months. Use it with a pair of suede fireplace gloves to prevent splinters or scrapes while protecting your hands from possible burns.

If you'd love to recapture the lost art of cooking and baking with a wood stove, a cast iron tea kettle is a great place to start. Sturdy and rustic, this kettle looks fabulous on a fireplace and hearth, but works perfectly to humidify your home or boil water for tea or cocoa. For bakers, the wood stove thermometer is a godsend that allows you to monitor your wood stove's temperature and add wood or ventilate as needed.

Tools for a Clean, Tidy Fireplace and Hearth

Your fireplace and hearth are the heart of your home--keep them looking cozy and clean with these simple cleaning implements. An edge brush made from durable beechwood and pig bristles will catch the ash and cinders from the deepest corners of your fireplace and hearth, where normal brushes can't even dream of going. (This effective edge brush is great for other small gaps, too, such as cleaning out your shower door or window frame.) And to stoke the fire without getting too close and risking a burn, try out our sophisticated fireplace bellows made from sturdy oak and leather. When it comes to wood stove accessories and fireplace necessities, you can trust in the quality and durability of The Vermont Country Store.