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The Original Crosley Record Player


Many of us have boxes of classic records, cassette tapes, and even CDs, but no record player or other device with which to listen to our favorite tunes! Don't let your music collection languish in storage--bring it back to life with classic electronics from The Vermont Country Store. In addition to vintage radios, record players, and cassette players, we also offer high quality vintage-style electronics like retro telephones and vintage clocks modeled after real antiques. Accessorize your home with retro style and spice up your home decor with our stylish vintage radios, vintage clocks, and record players.

Portable, Convenient Music and News: Vintage Radios Go Wherever You Go

Are you a fan of the oldies? An aficionado of classic rock? An avid sports broadcast listener? Or merely trying to keep up to date on the latest news or local traffic developments? If any of these describe you, then you'll love our selection of classic radios that combine vintage charm with modern convenience. A classic Studebaker AM/FM radio, available in stylish black and funky teal, delivers amazing sound quality and a compact, lightweight design that lets you take it to the beach, out in the backyard, in the garage, or anywhere you go. For even smaller radio listening, our line of vintage radios includes a travel radio with a sophisticated carrying case as well as a mini pocket radio (headphones included!) that's perfect for walking the dog or just hanging out at home.

Give That Old Vinyl New Life with our Classic Record Players

These record players don't just play tunes--they also look beautiful in your home. The vintage casing on our original Crosley record players has all the antique flair you might remember from the 1960s: a handsome wooden case, mesh chrome grill, and full-range stereo speakers gives you a timeless piece of home decor while producing incredible sound quality, too. It can even play 45s and 78s, so what are you waiting for? Throw on your favorite record, grab your sweetie, and cut a rug!

Cassette and CD Players are Easy to Use and Portable, Too

Still have that cassette collection from your younger years, or have a bunch of CDs that you rarely listen to? With our portable electronics, you can once again enjoy your favorite music. Whether you're going for a walk, doing some shopping, running errands, or relaxing in the sunshine, a cassette or CD player lets you listen to your favorite tunes with ease. From classic telephones to vintage radios to stylish record players and more, you truly can't go wrong with any of these stylish, functional electronics from The Vermont Country Store.