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Headboard Reading Lamp
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Cardinal Stained Glass Night-Light


From bedroom to living room to kitchen and more, The Vermont Country Store has the perfect lamps and lighting accessories for every room in the house. Our home lighting solutions provide elegance and vintage flair with details like ornate scrollwork and hand-blown glass, but have built-in modern conveniences like single-touch on and off features that eliminate the need for fumbling around with switches. And with one of a kind options like a hanging headboard lamp and a night light made of a real preserved maple leaf, our selection of floor lamps, table lamps and lighting fixtures is second to none.

Light Up Your Home with Ease, Thanks to One Touch Lamps and Lighting Accessories

We're as fed up with clumsy lamp switches and dials as you are. After all, having to feel around in the dark just to flip on a light, or sticking your hand up inside the lampshade just to turn it off, are not exactly ideal solutions! Our one touch lamp designs feature the same gorgeous, classic designs of vintage floor lamps and beautiful table lamps, yet are so much simpler to use. It's as easy as tapping the lamp once to turn it on, and then tapping it again to shut it off--no more putting your fingers up near the hot lightbulb or risking a fall as you fumble in the dark. Anyone can use our one touch lamps and lighting accessories with ease, but they prove especially helpful for individuals with mobility limitations like joint pain, stiffness or arthritis--just one tap, and the light is on, without any switches or dials that painful or stiff fingers might struggle to grasp.

Unique Home Lighting Solutions with Sophisticated Vintage Charm

Polished brass, antique bronze, wrought iron, brushed steel, hand-blown glass, and sturdy canvas are just some of the high quality materials used in our floor lamps, bedside lights and table lamps that give them an inimitable classic charm. But our selection of lamps and lighting accessories also includes several one of a kind, artisan-crafted home lighting solutions that will save on space while beautifying your home.

Pin up lamps saw widespread popularity throughout the fifties and sixties, but have all but disappeared--until now. We've expanded our lamps and lighting accessories to make room for this handy hanging lamp, which weighs just one pound and can be positioned over a couch, easy chair, bed, or reading nook for the perfect amount of soft light. If you're an avid bedtime reader, a headboard lamp keeps your eyes from straining and can be conveniently hung over the headboard with no tools or installation required. And for a fabulous touch for any bathroom, hallway, or dark corner, our skilled craftsmen have created a beautiful night light made from a sugar maple leaf dipped in gold and iridescent copper to light up your home with glowing splendor. From floor lamps and lighting accessories to table lamps and nightlights, find all your classic and unique home lighting solutions here at The Vermont Country Store.