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Halloween Candy

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Do you remember your days of trick-or-treating as a kid? October 31st was one of the most exciting nights of the year! Getting to dress up, go out with your best friends, and of course, collect tons of candy from the neighborhood—what was better?

Do you remember your favorite candy from those days? The kind you’d trade anything for after dumping out your pillowcase or plastic bucket to take inventory. Likely, many of the candies you remember getting aren’t handed out on Halloween today. These delicious vintage treats can be hard to come by, but not at The Vermont Country Store! We carry an assortment of classic Halloween candy, so you can introduce eager trick-or-treaters to the sweets you remember from your childhood.

Chocolate Ice Cubes, Bit-O-Honey, and Dad’s Root Beer Barrels—choose from these types of Halloween candy and more. The above are just a few of your favorites we carry at The Vermont Country Store. We’ve got your favorite old-fashioned penny candies available as bulk candy.

Old favorites like Caramel Creams and Turkish Taffies come individually wrapped in large bags, ready to make their way to a lucky trick-or-treater. With these hard-to-find Halloween treats, don’t be surprised when the kiddos dressed as superheroes, scary creatures, and princesses tell you that you have “the best candy ever!” And since you’ll have the most popular Halloween candy on the block, don’t forget to save a few sweets for yourself!

Add Spooky Treats to Any Halloween Party Table

Besides our novelty Halloween candy, we have several sweet treats that would make a great addition to a table display. In our selection of Halloween delights, you might find chocolate covered cookies decorated as jack-o-lanterns with big toothy grins, sure to make those who eat them smile. Be on the lookout for other treats such as handmade and hand-decorated eyeball truffles and delectably spooky witch fingers. These unique treats are crafted and detailed with the utmost care and are sure to impress both the adults and children who indulge in them.

Decorate Your Home with Candy, Too

Our candy isn’t just for handing can use it to decorate your home for this spooky holiday as well! Classic fall spice gumdrops are the perfect sugary treat for this. Black and orange gumdrops are flavored licorice and clove, respectively, and look beautiful in a clear candy dish or stuck upon the branches of a gumdrop tree. These trees make a great gift or centerpiece while their gumdrop bounty can be “harvested” and enjoyed.

Reminisce with Chocolates, Licorice, and Jelly Candies

Whether you choose to hand out old-fashioned taffy lollipops, foiled milk chocolates in spooky shapes or sweet caramels with cream-filled centers, our variety of Halloween candy is sure to be a hit. Introduce trick-or-treaters to the novelty Halloween candies you remember, and your home just might become the most popular stop on the scariest (and sweetest) night of the year.