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Italian Calabrian Antipasto Mix
Homestyle Pantry Jarred Fruits


Coming up with a variety of different meals to serve your family can be quite a challenge. But help is no farther away than your pantry when filled with our many sauces and sides! At The Vermont Country Store, you can find lobster mac and cheese, Italian torta, lobster pot pies, and quiche Lorraine to name but a few hearty side dishes—any of which would also make a great meal!

Not to be outdone, we also have sauces galore, from dipping sauce to marinades. There's our Vermont maple BBQ sauce, great for grilling beef, pork, chicken, and seafood. We also have Vermont maple sriracha sauces for spicing things up a bit.

The next time you’re planning your menu, be sure you have plenty of our sauces and sides on hand. You never know what you could be dishing up next when you keep your pantry stocked with our delicious main-meal complementing dishes and flavorful sauces.

Fine Seafood Dishes for a Delicacy at Home

In our selection of sauces and sides, you’ll find plenty of delicious lobster dishes provided by our friends in Maine. Thanks to this, our lobster side dishes are made with only the finest ingredients. Our creamy lobster mac and cheese, for example, contains plenty of sweet lobster and real Vermont cheddar cheese, mascarpone, and parmesan.

This side dish is not only delicious, it’s easy to make. To prepare this rich side dish (or main meal), simply pop it in the oven. In our selection of sauces and sides, you’ll also find lobster pot pies and lobster Newberg sauce, perfect for enjoying over rice, puff pastry, or pasta. When you’re craving a delicious lobster side dish, look no further than The Vermont Country Store.

Unique Hot Sauces Made in Vermont

We’ve found a local, handcrafted hot sauce that combines a sweet Vermont delicacy with a bit of fiery spice! For an all-natural kick, try one of the Vermont Maple Hot Sauces made in small batches. With a small list of ingredients, all that you can pronounce (one being maple syrup, of course), these sriracha-style hot sauces are hard to beat.

Choose from the original Vermont Maple Sriracha Hot Sauce or the Vermont Maple Verde Sriracha Hot Sauce. These are best enjoyed on eggs, tacos, in soups, and with whatever else you like to eat with a splash of hot sauce!

Enjoy Garden Grown Veggies All Year Round

At The Vermont Country Store, you can find a variety of unique small-batch pickles in our homestyle pickle pantry. This allows you to enjoy some of your favorite vegetables all year round. All the vegetables you’ll find are fresh from the garden and pickled by hand.

In our selection, you’ll discover many different favorites. Shop dilly beans, beets, bread and butter pickles, chow chow, garlic, and even pickled baby corn. All our pickled goods have the same farm-fresh flavor you may recall from days of yesteryear. Stock up on your favorites to get through the colder winter months, when fresh produce is hard to come by.