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Vermont Smoked Summer Sausage, 2 Chubs
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Chunked Beef with Barbecue Sauce & Sandwich


Throwing a dinner party is no simple task. From selecting a date, inviting guests, and picking out dinnerware, the recipe for a great dinner party is by no means short. That’s why we’re here to take off some of the weight with gourmet seafood and gourmet meats that’ll please everyone’s palate.

From grand seasonal seafood entrees to delicious savory snacks, you’ll find everything in our selection of gourmet seafood and gourmet meats to delight your senses. Plus, you don’t have to throw a party to enjoy our gourmet seafood and gourmet meats—you can nibble on them long after the celebrations are over.

Get seasonal seafood entrees delivered straight to your home

You don’t have to sit for hours at a stuffy restaurant to enjoy exquisite seasonal seafood entrees. At The Vermont Country Store, we’ll deliver gourmet meals straight to your home. Your kitchen will turn into an ocean of creamy lobster bisque, all-natural lobster cakes, and protein-rich fish balls when you treat yourself to our seasonal seafood entrees.

You can even enjoy a hearty lobster mac and cheese, succulent lobster sliders, and buttery lobster hand pies. Whatever your aquatic tastes may be, we promise these seasonal seafood entrees will have you reaching for seconds and thirds all night long.

Our gourmet meats are worth celebrating

Can’t get enough of our gourmet seafood? Then why not explore our gourmet meats? Lean and full-flavored, our gourmet meats are a perfect way to entertain guests at a party or enjoy a family meal at home.

Our assortment of gourmet meats begins with the juiciest and most delectable hams and ends with premium boneless meat and chicken chunks. Whether you’re gathering for a traditional Christmas dinner or a casual tailgate outside, these gourmet meats are bound to satisfy the appetites of all.

Bite on savory snacks at home or with your friends

Sure, we pride ourselves in a fine selection of rich, gourmet meats and gourmet seafood, but we also have a feeling that you and your loved ones wouldn’t want to miss our savory snacks.

When you’re waiting for the football game to start, why not slice up some spicy pepperoni sausage or or a cut of our festive football shaped sausage? If you’re a fan of our gourmet seafood, we have a hunch you’ll love our seafood snacks. We’ve dipped into fresh Alaskan waters to bring you the best in salmon jerky. Smoked to perfection and packed with protein, you can nosh on these savory treats at your convenience. Whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up or something to get you in the mood for our seasonal seafood entrees, these savory snacks won’t disappoint.