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Light Blue Ella Simone Poet's Nightshirt
Ella Simone Garden Party Cotton Nightgown


While your sleep patterns may change as the years pass, one thing that will never change is the timeless beauty of our Ella Simone sleepwear and loungewear. Just take one look at an Ella Simone nightgown and you’ll understand why every woman wants one of these breathtaking pieces in her closet.

Sleep in endless comfort and timeless luxury

To understand why our customers trust Ella Simone sleepwear and loungewear for comfort and luxury, all you have to do is run your hands through the splendid textures of our embroidered cotton Ella Simone nightgown. With 100% cotton that’s ultra-soft to the touch, you might even swear it’s satin.

And while our rich, crushed velour Ella Simone robe goes easy on the eyes, with its shimmery, light-catching composition, it’s also a joy to wear around the house.

Here at The Vermont Country Store, we like to think of our Ella Simone sleepwear and loungewear as a lullaby. Composed with high-quality materials and elegant touches, they will sing you to sleep in no time.

Decorate your bedtime routine with pretty details

Our Ella Simone sleepwear and loungewear is widely celebrated for its opulent fabrics. But besides using top-quality fibers, our Ella Simone sleepwear and loungewear also features an unmatched level of detail work.

Between pretty pintucks, pearly beads, and magnificent embroidery, you’ll feel like a princess out of a storybook in any Ella Simone nightgown. Turn the page to a floral look when you wear our tailored Jacquard robe. This alluring Ella Simone robe will hug you with warmth after a shower and pairs perfectly with a matching sleeveless nightgown.

While these pieces were designed with your eight hours in mind, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you stayed up all night admiring each and every detail of these premium robes and nightgowns.

Get your beauty rest in luxury that doesn’t sacrifice practicality

At The Vermont Country Store, we know how important it is to our customers to be able to move around in their sleepwear. Each of these luxurious sleepwear items flows freely over the body, allowing for maximum movement and optimum comfort. So just because an Ella Simone robe might make you feel like a princess doesn’t mean it’ll turn you into a damsel in distress. When you wear Ella Simone sleepwear and loungewear, you can skip, waltz, and roam around the house as much as your heart desires.