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At The Vermont Country Store, we love getting to spend the holidays providing you with unique holiday accessories for your home. And with so many holidays dispersed around the calendar, we offer a variety of seasonal accents that’ll add extra festivities and smiles to your loved one’s faces. It’s not just Christmas or Thanksgiving we’re talking about here. Some of our favorite holidays include Easter, Valentine’s Day, patriotic days like 4th of July, Memorial Day, and more. Our seasonal accents will deck your home with style and joy.

Entertain guests in your holiday home

As much as a holiday trip does wonders for the soul, sometimes staying home for the holidays does you just as much good. But that doesn’t mean your home can’t look like a holiday getaway. With our unique seasonal accents you can turn any home into the festive paradise of your choosing. Transform your home into a Christmas or Thanksgiving sanctuary with the help of our unique holiday accessories for the home… Turn off those harsh lights in favor of something softer. Hang up sparkling Christmas lights or light up creamy candles for endless ambiance. Dangle our new arrivals in ornaments from trees and fix wreaths to doors. When you’re gathered around the dinner table giving thanks, serve up your meals in an extravagant setting with the most jovial in dinnerware.

Speaking of special someone, what about Valentine’s Day?

Don’t worry, we didn’t think our seasonal accents would be complete without the most romantic of the seasons. Keep the romance alive with your sweetheart this February 14th, thanks to various red-hot gifts. From decadent dark chocolates to white chocolate truffles, we also offer liquor-filled variations. These special treats are perfect gift for both him and her. Enjoy a decadent treat together as you recite a sweet, personal poem you wrote them in our vintage-inspired Valentine’s Day cards, and remind them why they fell for you all over again. Whether you’re celebrating Cupid’s favorite day or just want to do a little something for your partner, our eau-de-toilettes and eau-de-colognes will keep the romance floating in the air.

Celebrate springtime holidays with a little spring in your step

Holidays aren’t meant just for the colder months… Our seasonal accents shift with the times, so when winter melts into spring, you’re prepared with more unique holiday accessories for the home. Scurry into Easter with our Peter Rabbit teapots and teacups. Serve creme eggs and chocolate bunnies in a glorious diamond-cut candy dish and embellish trees with porcelain Peter Rabbit eggs.

Fancy yourself a fan of St. Patrick’s? Spend your St. Patrick’s Day in all things Irish with Irish sweaters, hats, and food. From comfort food like Irish Stew to cozy spring sweaters stitched, unearth our seasonal accents to celebrate the coming of summer in style.

Speaking of summer, let’s get patriotic with Fourth of July décor

While the holidays are abundant with food, laughter, presents, and more, they’re also a time for patriotism. Salute our forefathers with a red, white, and blue flag. Sizzle up a patty on our outdoor grill. Or brave the elements with our AM/FM radio and radio lantern. We love the idea that our unique accessories for the home let you show your pride from sea to shining sea.