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Evening in Paris Eau de Parfum


Ready for an evening out on the town, you put on your nicest dress, spend hours perfecting your hair, and carefully add a few touches of makeup to finish the look. But is any fine outfit truly complete without a fine fragrance to go along with it? At The Vermont Country Store, we think you'll find our collection of hard-to-find fragrances for both men and women is second to none. We stock the vintage perfumes and colognes that you grew up with and remember fondly, the fragrances that were mainstays of your family's household, perhaps used by generations of parents and grandparents. They're rare finds from yesteryear that aren't available on the shelves of chain stores. We keep a stock of the most iconic brands, perfumes, and colognes from decades past so that we can not only preserve their legacy and history, but also bring their timeless fragrance to new generations. So, if you're looking to recapture the memories and nostalgia evoked by these powerful fragrances, look no further than the Vermont Country Store.

Warm, floral, citrusy, or fresh?

With our wide range of women’s perfume, you'll have more than enough fragrance options to choose from. Want to keep it light? Try an amber, lavender, gardenia, or other floral scent. For a refreshing and surprising note, a citrus or orange perfume might make a good choice. And if you're prepared to go bold, then sandalwood, cedar, musk, and spice are as dark and lush as it gets. The Vermont Country Store makes it easy to find your very own signature scent.

Classic men’s cologne for timeless style

Men, we know you're busy! You don't have time to fuss with a full beauty routine. That's why our men’s fragrance line keeps it as simple as possible! These dual-purpose colognes also function as aftershave, so in one step you can prevent razor burn, soothe your skin, and leave you smelling fresh and clean with masculine notes of musk, tobacco, and citrus. And for the man in your life who deserves to be pampered, consider one of our eau de cologne gift sets in designer fragrances as a stylish and practical present they can use every single day.

A clean, classic scent is the finishing touch on any outfit or morning routine, and here at the Vermont Country Store, we have all the fragrances you remember from years gone by. We hope that our perfumes and colognes can bring back many happy memories along with their wonderful smell