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Women's Gloves & Mittens

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Women's Sherpa Fleece Gloves


People often seem to underestimate how difficult it is for women to find the right pair of women’s gloves and mittens. Either you’re given a frilly option that offers no protection. Or you’re forced to opt for a men’s glove that’s simply too rough and stocky. At The Vermont Country Store, we know that women shouldn’t be forced to make those kinds of sacrifices, so our women’s gloves and mittens combine endless elegance with durable warmth.

With an ample selection of women’s gloves and mittens, sheepskin gloves, and more, we hope to keep your hands warm and comfortable throughout the winter in the style of your choice. We’ve also selected sheepskin gloves with high-quality, all natural wool, so you’ll stay protected against the stubborn wind with this dense, impermeable barrier.

Fashionable deerskin and shearling gloves you can actually move in

There’s nothing more frustrating than going outside with a new pair of fashionable women’s gloves or mittens to discover you can’t move in them. Too tight or too thick, it seems like your gloves never fit true to your size. Luckily, at The Vermont Country Store, we designed our gloves with your dexterity in mind. We know there's nothing more frustrating than going outside, ready for the day, and feeling like you have to remove your gloves or mittens for every task..

Our deerskin leather gloves are known for their supple texture, perfect for driving in freezing temperatures. And we know that when that first snow hits, you’ll want to go outside and enjoy the view with the rest of the family, so wrap your hands up in our snug fleece-lined wool gloves, blended for extra softness!

Whatever the occasion, our women’s gloves will fit your needs, dare we say, like a glove?

The best winter gloves for extreme cold?

You can find them in our selection. Our women’s gloves and mittens are the epitome of cold resistance, starting with our sheepskin gloves. Sheepskin is known for its insulating powers to keep your hands as soft and comfortable as they are in the summer. Whether it’s rain or wind, these sheepskin gloves will make it through anything, just like the women who wear them. Because if you’re anything like most women we know, you’re someone who puts her blood, sweat, and tears into everything she does. You’re the rock of your family, a role model to all those around you. If there’s anything a strong woman deserves, it’s women’s gloves and mittens that embody those same principles.