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Wildflower Meadow Pinch Pleat Patio Panel


Patio doors are a wonderful addition to any home. As a homeowner, you probably love the look of these amazing glass doors and the fact that they typically enter into a beautiful backyard, patio, porch, or deck. For those who love to look at homes, patio doors can be quite the conversation starter due to their stunning nature. Even so, they aren’t without their own unique set of challenges.

One thing homeowners with patio doors will have to think about is how to effectively add privacy to such large windows. That’s where The Vermont Country Store can help. Our wide selection of patio curtains can provide your home with the decorative look and functional privacy you’ve been after while trying to outfit this amazing home feature.

Patio Panels for Privacy and Function

Patio panels are quite versatile, providing you with privacy and a dramatic look. With our selection of sliding door curtains, you’ll be able to choose from many rich and sophisticated hues, fabrics, styles, and headings. Your home will instantly be transformed with a beautifully constructed patio door panel from The Vermont Country Store.

Because patio panels cover a door, they must be easy to move for when the door is in use. Our patio panels come with easy sliding grommet tops, rod pockets, and detachable pull wands to make opening and closing these drapes easier than ever. Our patio curtains won’t inconvenience you one bit when you’re moving them out of the way to access the door.

Patio Curtains Aren’t Just for the Indoors

Create an enclosed outdoor space with durable patio door curtain panels. These curtains aren’t just for covering up large sliding doors or french doors. Use patio door panels in front of porch guardrails to create a private “room” out of these airy outdoor spaces. Choose to open or close your patio curtains to instantly change the way a space looks and functions.

Add a Sheer or Blackout Patio Curtain

While the majority of patio panels have privacy in mind, we have sheer options for those who are looking for a delicate, decorative touch and light-filtering look. A classic sheer or one with a few extra details looks pretty in front of patio doors. Choose one of our sheers for a light and airy look.

Conversely, go with an insulated patio panel to achieve a dramatic look while giving your home a substantial amount of privacy, as compared to other patio curtain options. Insulated curtains also have the added benefit of temperature regulation.

Save Energy with a Well Constructed Patio Panel

Many patio panels available at The Vermont Country Store have energy-efficient properties. A patio curtain can keep your home cooler in the summertime and warmer in the winter. This is especially beneficial during chilly months in Vermont. Since the cold winter air tends to easily leak through windows and doors, insulated sliding door curtains could be just the thing to add to your home, helping you save money on heat.