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Hand-Dipped Bayberry Taper Candles, One Pair


There has always been a connection between Christmas and candles. Something about the low, elegant light that makes the holiday season seem a little more beautiful and intimate. Like an open fire, Christmas candles seem to be a natural part of the Christmas holiday.

It’s time to deck the halls and bring that warm holiday glow to every room in your house with festive Christmas candles from The Vermont Country Store. Our assortment of festive Christmas candles and candle holders will set the mood for the rest of the holiday season. Also, we offer battery-operated candles and electric candle window lights for those looking to avoid an open flame.

Keep the Holidays Bright With Christmas Candles

Set the mood for a Christmas to remember with our unique angel holiday candles. We carry an unmatched selection of vintage candles inspired by Gurley candles from yesteryear. You’ll find a large collection of Christmas themed candles along with hand-dipped taper pairs, real bayberry tapers, true bayberry pillars, and, of course, Santa candles, too. You can add a touch of Christmas with battery-operated over-the-door candles and classic electric candle window lights. We also have fresh balsam centerpieces accented with candles to bring a touch of Christmastime to your dining room table and your fireplace mantel, too! Other candles that we offer are:

  • Christmas caroler figures
  • Snowmen
  • Sugar-frosted candles
  • Flying angels
  • And many more!

Rewind With These Vintage Candles and Candle Holders

We offer an assortment of candles like beeswax, paraffin wax, scented, and unscented candles to fill your home with holiday joy in an instant. We’ve even recreated a vintage collectible ceramic angel candleholder trio and found beautifully hand-carved wooden nativity scene pyramids from Germany to add to your family’s Christmas décor. Our assortment of quality Christmas candles makes it easy to bring the charm and glow of the holidays to your home. The Vermont Country Store is always looking to help you celebrate Christmas your way. We hope that our vast collection of Christmas candles and candle holders, both new and vintage-inspired, help add a sense of happiness and warmth to your holiday season.

With Christmas being the season of giving, we all want to get the perfect gift for someone special in our lives. Yet, finding the perfect gift can be a real challenge. The good news is that the decision is much easier when you start looking at Christmas candles from The Vermont Country Store. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas themed candle or something practical to keep the house bright, The Vermont Country Store has everything you need to create the perfect atmosphere in your home this Christmas.