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When it comes to making a great impression, investing in quality men’s wallets and watches are worth your time and money. Well-made wallets and watches aren’t just functional, they also lend an air of importance to the wearer. For gentlemen who’ve mastered the art of manliness, our durable and presentable men’s watches and wallets are guaranteed to make a mark. From supple leather wallets to handsomely crafted timepieces for men, these essential accessories will help a modern man meet all the world’s demands.

We offer wallets for every occasion

Not every wallet is created equally. After all, when a man’s life is as rich and diverse as his, he needs a variety of styles to suit his needs. At The Vermont Country Store, we offer an array of various wallets, including light leather billfolds, pocket wallets, and coin purses that can be stored anywhere. Slip them in front pockets, back pockets, or a glove compartment—our polished men’s wallets and watches will fit anywhere.

Leather billfolds for lightweight practicality

Simple, elegant, and timeless our leather bi-fold billfolds combine everyday wear with luxurious flair. Handcrafted with genuine lambskin, this buttery-soft billfold features various compartments for the same roominess you’ll find in a regular wallet. Perfect for a man who prefers to keep his pockets light and free, these fine billfolds will give him the agility he needs without sacrificing the quality he loves.

Manage your nickels and dimes with our deerskin coin purses

Picking out change from the deep ends of your pockets can make for an uncomfortable experience. For a man who’s tired of digging for change and holding up the line, we’ve furnished our collection of men’s wallets and watches with reliable deerskin coin purses. Whether it’s adding an extra tip at the coffee counter or tossing a few coins into the gumball machine, these soft coin purses will help him handle his change with ease and efficiency. Plus, they keep change secure to keep spills at bay, so he won’t have to pick pennies off the ground ever again.

Don’t pull a muscle – pull out our pocket wallets instead

Struggling with back pain? A stuffy wallet will only make it worse, so ease the pain with one of our elegant pocket wallets. Curved to fit front pockets perfectly, these wallets are crafted with the highest grade cowhide and feature ample room for cash, credit cards, an ID, and more. These cool, functional wallets will stay snug in his pockets, no matter what the destination. Whether he’s driving, sitting, or running errands, these pocket wallets won’t slip or fall, so he can focus on what’s important.

Our timepieces for men will help him stay on top of his schedule

Our timepieces for men are a favorite among men who want to stay on time in style. For those with a penchant for the traditional, we can’t recommend our Bulova pocket watch enough. These classic timepieces for men do much more than just tell time, they’re also a sentimental nod to styles of generations past. Plus, they fit perfectly in your pocket.

While our pocket watches provide nostalgic flair, our no-nonsense wind-up watches provide everyday sophistication. Select from a variety of band and case colors to dress a look up or wind it down. If you are or know a man with places to go and people to see, these classic timepieces for men are guaranteed to become an instant wardrobe staple.

We decked out our selection of men’s wallets and watches to make him the man of the hour

Our selection of men’s wallets and watches wouldn’t be complete without versatile tools to go with them. We offer stainless steel wallet tools that function as bottle openers, screwdrivers, and pry bars, making him the man of the hour at moment’s notice. They’re even TSA compliant so they’ll fly with him from sea to shining sea. Whatever the destination, these handy gadgets are an ideal on-the-go assistant.