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We all want to do what's best for our health. For some, that might mean going for walks after dinner, getting a full night's sleep every night, or putting a few more veggies on the plate. Navigating our health can be tricky, especially when the diabetic chocolates and sugar free candy at the grocery store just don't taste like the real thing. But looking out for our health doesn't have to mean cutting out our favorite indulgences, and sugar free candy certainly doesn't have to be lacking in the flavor department. You should never settle for tasteless or bitter diabetic candies when The Vermont Country Store's scrumptious treats pack all the sweetness with none of the sugar. Our sugarless gummies, licorice bites, chocolates, jelly beans, and fudge taste just like the full sugar varieties, but are a wonderful alternative to regular sweets for diabetics as well as for anyone looking to make smart food choices. The sugar free candy from The Vermont Country Store is so sinfully delicious that you'll be craving more--and with these guilt-free treats, you can finally indulge your sweet tooth!

The Selection You Need in the Flavors You Crave

Are you a chocoholic? Our diabetic chocolate is lower in calories than the regular kind and is completely safe for diabetics, but still has that rich, creamy flavor we all love. It's not just your average chocolate bars, either: from fudge to nut clusters to cherry cordials and creams, we've got a mouthwatering treat to please every palate. If gummies are more your style, look no further than the wrapped sugar free candy, beans, and fruit flavored jellies, all with zero sugar. You can hardly tell these diabetic candies from the full sugar variety, but these low calorie treats can be enjoyed all day with none of the guilt.

Not Just Chocolates and Gummies Anymore

When you hear the words "sugar free," the first thing to come to mind is sugar free candy and diabetic chocolate, right? While we do love our candies here at The Vermont Country Store, we also seek to provide our loyal customers with sugar free alternatives to everyday foods. Take, for example, our house-made line of no-sugar-added fruit spreads, jams, and marmalades, all handmade and packed in our own New England Store. The spreads come in dozens of unique combinations to turn any pancake breakfast or tea time snack into an explosion of flavor, and the best part is they're sweetened only with natural fresh fruit juices. And speaking of teatime, how about some cookies to go with it? We are proud to offer up sugar free and gluten free cookies made with fresh, simple ingredients to fit perfectly in your low calorie plan or diabetic diet requirements. You'll think you're snacking on a normal sugar-filled cookie, but these guilt-free delights will keep your health on track--so go ahead, have one more (or two or three!).

Snack with Abandon

It's true: diabetic candies can be just as delectable as their sugary friends! With our sugar free candy and diabetic chocolate, it's easy to have all your beloved treats and none of the sugar. We think you’ll find healthy living to be much easier with these scrumptious sweets, only available right here at The Vermont Country Store.