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International Candy

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Chewy Cherry Balls, 1 Pound Bag


It's no secret that Europe's masters have perfected the art of candy, from the Swiss and Belgian chocolatiers churning out butter-smooth truffles to the French and German confectioners creating the world's finest gummies and hard candies. Here at The Vermont Country Store, we believe in treating yourself every now and then. And with our selection of fine international candy and sweet treats from around the world, you're sure to find at least one treat to suit your fancy.

European Candies from Master Chocolatiers and Sweet Treats from around the World

The finest international candy doesn't come to us from a single chocolatier or confectioner. In fact, our candies are produced all around the European continent. Here at The Vermont Country Store, you'll find everything your sweet tooth can dream of: spirited chocolate liquor bottles made in Denmark, chocolate-filled mints made in Finland, wrapped hard candies made in Italy, truffles made in Germany, fudge made in England, ganache treats made in Ireland, and of course a wide variety of milk and dark chocolates from the masters in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. There are even licorice treats from Australia, the land down under! Each international candy is carefully packaged in beautiful foil, decorative boxes, and keepsake tins as an easy and scrumptious gift to send your family and friends, or simply to set in your candy bowl as a tasty and beautiful decoration.

Beyond The International Candy Bowl

While we love chowing down on some international candy, there are other ways to get your chocolate fix, too! Hot chocolate discs make a great winter treat, dissolving in a mug of warm milk to create a rich, smooth cup of cocoa. And how about a sinfully indulgent hot fudge sauce as the perfect topping to a sundae or a slice of cake? These sweet treats from around the world make excellent gifts for the chocolate lover in your life, but let's be honest: with chocolate this good, you might just have to keep them for yourself.

Premium Ingredients, Traditional Recipes

Our international candy comes to you from all across Europe, where chocolatiers and confectioners are upholding the time-honored traditions of candy making. The European candies you see here are created using the original methods, such as copper kettle cooking and roasting their own cacao beans to bring you the highest standard possible of international candy. You won't find quality like this in just any old store. Our European candies and sweet treats have that special something which has made them irresistible to folks around the world for centuries of candy-making perfection.