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What does the perfect fudge look like to you? For us, the best fudge is the kind that melts away slowly in your mouth. It's that perfectly creamy, ultra-rich consistency that has you reaching for another piece, then another, and then just one more. And it's made with fresh, natural ingredients following time-honored candy-making traditions. Here at The Vermont Country Store, we think quality is of the utmost importance, and we take pride in our traditional kettle fudge recipes. Our standards may be high, but we like it that way, so you and your family get to enjoy what we think is the perfect piece of fudge.

A Traditional Kettle Fudge Recipe

Our copper kettle fudge is crafted from a secret New England recipe that's been around for over a century. For that creamy, authentic taste, our old-fashioned fudge candy starts with fresh cream and high-quality sugar. Then, the fudge is hand-stirred in small batch copper kettles by third-generation candy makers, who add in delicious classic flavorings like maple, walnut, chocolate, peanut butter, and vanilla, or more out-of-the-box combinations like apple cinnamon, eggnog, and pumpkin. The hands-on process helps to ensure each and every batch of kettle fudge is perfectly smooth and creamy, and with no preservatives, you know exactly what you're getting in every box.

Sugar-Free Fudge: Same Great Taste, with None of the Guilt

If you've been turned off of sugar-free snacks due to strange aftertastes and "off" flavors, never fear: our creamy sugar-free fudge is just as delicious as the real thing. The creamy, scrumptious old-fashioned fudge candy is made with only the best ingredients like Belgian chocolate and fresh cream, as well as high-quality sweeteners that blend right in with the delicious fudgy flavors. Just like the full-sugar variety, our sugarless kettle fudge comes in wonderful classic flavor combinations as well as seasonal varieties made specially for autumn and winter.

A Great Gift for the Holidays, or Any Day

What gift could be better than a sampler of sweet, handmade kettle fudge? Everyone loves old-fashioned fudge candy, and our kettle fudge comes in several samplers so you won't have to choose just one scrumptious flavor. Featuring flavors like chocolate, walnut, maple, and penuche, this fudgy gift is sure to please any palate or picky eater. For an easy present with no gift wrapping required, check out our novelty keepsake tins, which contain four tasty kettle fudge flavors in an adorable, and reusable, container. And for a truly one-of-a-kind fudge treat, our Irish cream hot fudge sauce is the perfect addition to ice cream, cake, and brownies for a sinfully indulgent dessert. No matter which flavor you choose or who you share it with, there's one thing for sure: you won't find fudge like this in just any old store.