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Covered Bridge Tin With Maple Candy


Ah, the candy counter: that old-fashioned emporium of sweets, sodas, and other favorite treats, where we'd eagerly spend our pocket money on toffee or a bar of chocolate, chow down on gummy treats, or savor the taste of a long-lasting hard candy. In fact, it doesn't get more classic than sour balls, root beer barrels, peppermint straws, bonbons and more--they have been staples of candy stores for over a century. Whether you prefer minty, fruity, or spiced, we take pride in bringing you only the best of the best.

Classic Treats to Please your Sweet Tooth

The root beer barrel, that timeless treat flavored after everyone's favorite drink, is not the only happy memory from the past. Here at The Vermont Country Store, we have root beer barrels, starlight mints, and more varieties of classic candy you remember from your childhood. You can once again enjoy the herbal flavor of clove hard candies, soothe your throat with horehound drops, or chew away at a chunk of sticky, creamy toffee. If sour is more your style, try out our sour lemon or cherry candy rolls, with a tart yet sweet taste you just can't resist. Then there are the nostalgic hard sour balls which have been a favorite of kids and adults for decades on end.

Filled Hard Candy

There's nothing more satisfying than that burst of flavor when you break through that hard shelled exterior. These scrumptious filled candies come in so many flavors that it's hard to pick just one! If you like mint, try our cream-filled peppermint straws, or chocolate-filled mints with a crunchy outer shell. For fruit lovers, there are bonbons in every delicious flavor fresh from the orchard, such as raspberry, strawberry, and grape. And for the lover of classic hard shelled sweets: our honey drops, filled with a succulent burst of real honey harvested from U.S. bees, are as old-fashioned as it gets.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Sometimes, friends and family are so tricky to buy for! And with the holidays seeming to arrive earlier every year, let us help you get a jump-start on your Christmas shopping with our holiday hard candies. Available in a variety of vintage designs, our candy gift sets range from red and green peppermint straws to classic ribbon candies to delicious filled sweets, so you'll find holiday hard candies for even the pickiest eaters on your list. And with such beautiful tins, there's no gift wrap required, so it's easier than ever to give your friends and family a holiday treat they'll always appreciate.

Our goal is simple: to reunite you with the high quality, tasty hard candy you enjoyed years ago. Though years have passed, these long-standing treats haven't changed one bit. So no matter what classic sweets you prefer, you'll find them right here at The Vermont Country Store.