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Our Chocolates Are Taking a Summer Vacation!

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Milk or Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordials
Our Chocolates Are Taking a Summer Vacation!


Our modern lives are only getting busier and busier: between running errands, socializing with friends, working, and keeping up with chores, there's almost no time left to just relax and treat ourselves to the finer things in life. Here at The Vermont Country Store, we believe in living your best life--and if you're anything like us, our best life includes a few sweet treats here and there! That's why we bring you a wide selection of traditional chocolate candies from world-famous brands like Guittard, Butlers, Wilbur, and more. It's the sweetest, tastiest chocolate candies you remember from your childhood, along with new tasty treats and quirky flavor combinations. Plus, these delightful specialty chocolates make a wonderful and delicious gift for birthdays, holidays, or thank-you presents for the special people in your life. So, don't wait--dig in, and treat yourself!

The classics: decades later, still scrumptious

Remember snatching your favorite chocolate candies from your grandmother's candy bowl, or passing around a box of assorted cream drops during the holidays? Sweets have a way of bringing us back to the simple pleasures of our childhood, and with the specialty chocolates offered here at The Vermont Country Store, you can once again enjoy those sweet, silky smooth tastes from years past. Whether you prefer a crunchy chocolate covered almond brittle or peanut clusters, tangy fruit-filled delights, rich and buttery chocolate creams, or the bright taste of mint, there's something to satisfy every palate. We even offer no sugar added chocolate treats for those with special dietary needs, and hot chocolate discs that melt away in warm milk for a wonderfully sweet drink. From the simplest milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate candies to the extravagant peanut butter or fruit-stuffed varieties, the only limit is your imagination.

Quality chocolate candies with a non-traditional twist

Spicy Tabasco-flavored chocolate? A chocolate bar stuffed with bacon bits and crushed potato chips? Crisp espresso beans covered in a rich dark chocolate coating? Sounds crazy, but you can find these modern takes on chocolate candies right here at The Vermont Country Store. They're produced by the same established chocolatiers who bring you the classic treats you love, but these chocolate candies are far from traditional. They make the perfect gift for an adventurous loved one with a passion for new and exotic foods, or you can try them yourself to expand your palate. Who knows? You just might find your new favorite!

Whether you're browsing for a gift or treating yourself to some chocolate delights, the Vermont Country Store's chocolate candies are the delicious treats you remember from years past and can enjoy for years to come.