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Cotton White Pillow Protector, Set of 2


Dozens of studies have shown that sleep is absolutely vital to our overall health. In fact, sleep deprivation can even increase the risk of certain illnesses. But all too often, we struggle to fall asleep, cannot stay asleep, or sleep restlessly, resulting in much exhaustion and many cranky mornings.

So how can we become better sleepers? Comfortable pillows designed to suit your sleep positions and style are the often overlooked key to reclaiming those elusive eight hours of shut-eye. With dozens of materials and densities to choose from, we've got an ideal pillow for each and every person in need of a good night's rest.

Functional and Comfortable Bed Pillows to Eliminate Aches and Pains

Here at The Vermont Country Store, our comfortable bed pillows are second to none. We carry premium goose down, silk, buckwheat, latex, bamboo, Tencel, and memory foam pillows in varying densities, allowing you to select the perfect size and material for your sleep style.

Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers alike can enjoy these custom-designed comfortable bed pillows. A contour knee pillow is perfect for side sleepers, as it fits perfectly between the knees to restore your body's natural alignment and prevent sore muscles and pressure points in the morning. Body pillows, too, can help side sleepers; these oversized comfortable bed pillows are perfect for cuddling and keep knees separated so you sleep better and wake feeling rested. Likewise, a contoured head pillow is the ideal sleep solution for back sleepers--the curvature prevents sore neck muscles and hold your head in a more natural position, which improves blood circulation and aligns the spine for maximum comfort. Most versatile of all, the multi-position pillow is one of the few comfortable bed pillows that actually works for all types of sleepers. Functional memory foam in a unique hourglass-like shape cradles the head and neck for back sleepers, relieves pressure on the shoulders for side sleepers, and won't suffocate stomach sleepers with overly fluffy filling.

Accent Pillows and Decorative Shams Brighten Up The Bedroom

When it comes to accent pillows and decorative pillow shams, you can't beat the quality and beauty of our satin and silk creations. They add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any bedroom or living area without overwhelming the space, and can easily fit in to almost any decor. So don't hesitate--this one simple upgrade could be the finishing touch on the perfect bedroom retreat.