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Vibrant Tresses Coarse Hair Shampoo or Conditioner
Grip-Tuth 3-1/4-Inch Shorty Side Hair Combs


With such a massive variety of hair care products populating store shelves, how in the world can anyone know which ones will work for their hair? Volumizers, moisturizers, damage repair, color care--and each different type is available in dozens of brands, fragrances, and styles! It's overwhelming for sure, yet proper hair care products are vitally important when it comes to our appearance and overall health. So how can you know what products are right for you? Let us at The Vermont Country Store lend you a helping hand. You see, over the years we've developed a curated selection of the finest hard-to-find hair care products that you just can't get in the big chain stores anymore. While we may not have endless aisles filled with thousands of fancy new products, the carefully chosen products we do carry have all been tested and reviewed to guarantee quality results, so you can make the right decision to care for your hair.

What’s the difference?

Unlike the chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners you'll find in the chain stores, many of our hair care products have helped women beautify their locks for decades on end, coming from long-standing and reputable brands who know the industry inside and out. These are the shampoos and conditioners you remember using when you were just a child, the hair care products you watched your grandmother and mother use, the products your family trusts for safety and dependability. You'll find that many of these hair care products are based on natural ingredients such as beeswax, olive oil, and lemon juice to promote healthy hair without any harsh chemicals. And we even offer specialty shampoos and conditioners formulated to add shine to grey hair, condition dry scalps, or add vibrancy to dull or color-treated hair.

How about accessories?

Hair care shouldn't stop at just shampoo and conditioner! Hair brushes and styling tools have just as much impact on our hair health as the products we use. A quality brush made from natural boar bristles can help tame frizzy hair, while our combs with extra grip keep your updo from slipping for hours on end. And speaking of updos, one of our lighted or stand mirrors is the perfect solution to ensure every hair is in place Hair care products shouldn't be confusing, chemical-laden, or costly. Here at the Vermont Country Store, we like to keep it simple by providing you with quality assured hair care from legacy brands, so you can always take pride in the way you look.