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Lightweight, Whistling Stainless Steel Teakettle Heats Quicker, Never Rusts, Never Drips


Lightweight, Whistling Stainless Steel Teakettle Heats Quicker, Never Rusts, Never Drips

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Our sturdy, yet lightweight, stainless steel teakettle features a classic teakettle shape to evenly distribute water so it heats quickly, cup after cup. Removable lid, large no-drip spout, ergonomic Bakelite handle for a good, safe grip. Offered in a 12-cup (80 oz.) size.

  • Ergonomic Bakelite handle
  • Removable lid for easy filling and cleaning; no-drip spout
  • Easy-care stainless steel

Practical, time-tested goods like this stainless steel teakettle abound at The Vermont Country Store. Simple to use, this classic teakettle is still the best way to boil a steaming cup of hot water.



Stainless steel with bakelite handle


Wash in hot soapy water and rinse.

Sizing & Specifications

Capacity: 6 = 40oz, 8 = 56oz, 12 = 80oz.


Manufactured In: China

Material - Country Of Origin: China

Teakettle 4.3 5 48 48
Tea Kettle The product is very well constructed and has a one piece base. The whistle is built in, made of metal and appears to be unbreakable. While the whistle sounds like "moaning Myrtle" from Harry Potter, It is a sound that will distinctly signify boiling water. This is the best built TEA KETTLE that I have found and should last forever. It replaces Three tea kettles that didn't last over three month's, due to broken whistles. Great job!! April 3, 2013
Very disappointing The kettle was overpriced and did not whistle unless I shook it. If felt it was too light. December 11, 2014
Excellent Purchase I purchased this tea kettle last year and love it. I bought the large one and it holds more than enough water to fill my husband's full-sized coffee French press plus several cups of tea for me. Easy to clean, too, since the lid is removable. October 3, 2014
finally found I've looked for a kettle like this one for AGES; nothing satisfied me (too large, discolored metal, awkward to use for a cup of tea, etc.) This small kettle is just right for 1-2 cups of tea; it is very sturdy and can handle the heat; it doesn't whistle but instead, sort of hums/moans - very comforting. I liked it so much I've ordered a second one in case I can't find such a small one again. Great product! August 7, 2014
Doesn't Whistle I purchased the 6 cup kettle recently and am so disappointed. The kettle rarely whistles and when it does you can barely hear it. Also, it gives off a strange odor that I can actually taste when I drink my tea. I would never purchase this kettle again and I am sorry I purchased it to begin with. Waste of money. Also be careful if you overfill the kettle because the water starts spitting out the spout while it's boiling. One bright spot, the plastic handle does not get hot. July 31, 2014
unfamiliar whistle This kettle does whistle, but the whistle is not on the spout like so many whistling kettles. The whistle is in the lid and makes a low moan, not a sharp shriek. I also discovered that the little lid on the spout must be closed for the kettle to whistle. I love the shape and functionality of this kettle. July 15, 2014
I wouldn't say it never rusts I got the 12-cup stainless steel tea kettle to replace a different brand kettle that started to rust. I was drawn to this one because it was advertised as non-rusting, and also because I liked the old-time look of it. I have been using it for a couple of months, but within the first month, it started to rust on the inside rim of the lid, where the lid meets the kettle base, on the round piece of metal on the inside of the lid, and around where the sound is produced. It is such a cute tea kettle - I really love the look - and the sound is unique (though it does not sing quite as well as it used to) - but it does rust. I think it would be honest to take out the "never rusts" part in the description. Although the kettle part itself may not rust, parts of the lid do. June 12, 2014
Happy with it I rely on honest reviews from websites and no one here let me down. I just want to be sure before I buy that it's right for me. The teapot is unique and cute, well built and functional with a whistle that sounds a lot more pleasant then an actual whistle. I decided on the 8 cup size after asking my mother's opinion. I would lean towards the largest, but she said if it's too large it would take up too much room on your stove (and I'm single). So as there's no water mark lines on min and max, I decided to fill the water to the top of the oval inside the pot. What that gave me was it filled a French press and another coffee cup of water with some water left over. My French Press holds 3 coffee cup sizes of water alone; I poured and measured, and then there's the extra cup so it will give you 4 real cups like this. That suits my needs and there's plenty of room on the stovetop. I was impressed that the interior was real stainless steel which was what I was looking for; some kettles say they're all stainless steel, but it doesn't look like that inside. It was made in China and I do prefer to buy something that would end up an antique some day with some history behind it and would pay more to get that; I felt this pot was very affordable and they give you the most for your money. May 14, 2014
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Teakettle …

"I searched for a long time for a good, basic tea kettle, and this fits the bill. The handle makes for easy pouring, the lid is very secure, and it's a breeze to clean." - Donna, Boston, MA

"Actually, the kettle is still usable, only the inside bottom was starting to look discolored, so I threw it out and opted for a new one. I mean, 20 years of great service is nothing to sneeze at! I love this kettle! The handle never gets hot; the water boils nicely. The 10-cup size makes enough tea for our family of four for two nights (we live in Georgia and love our sweet tea). It washes up easily in the dishwasher. I'm buying another and wouldn't consider another brand" - Jenna, Colbert, GA