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Dr. Scholl’s Sandals

The Original Dr. Scholl’s Exercise Sandal Is Back

Dr. Scholl’s Sandals

The Original Dr. Scholl’s Exercise Sandal Is Back

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Dr. Scholl’s are still unmatched for comfort, freedom, and support. Only the soft Italian leather strap and smooth hardwood footbed touch your feet. This footwear for ladies features a contoured heel and toe grips that help shape and strengthen your legs, feet, and ankles while you walk. Just lift up the buckle, slide the strap to where you want it, then snap the fastener closed for a secure, custom fit. Dr. Scholl’s sandals are finished with slip-resistant rubber outersoles. Imported.

  • Italian leather strap with pop-open, snap-shut buckle for a custom fit
  • Wooden footbed contoured for comfort
  • Rubber outersole softens impact

Dr. Scholl’s Sandals, the old favorite that still makes your legs look great.

Dr. Scholl’s Sandals


Leather Upper, Wood Bottom
Adjustable Metal Buckle Fastener
Strap is Padded
Bottom has Slip Resistant Latex Tread


Wipe clean with warm water and mild detergent.

Sizing & Specifications

Insole Construction: Wood


Manufactured In: Italy/Brazil

Material - Country Of Origin: Italy/Brazil

This product is currently not available.
Dr. Scholl's Sandals 4.2 5 5 5
nothing like original in quality OR design These shoes are very different from the originals. The originals were made in Austria from a solid hard wood and had the best toe grip bump ever, making it a true exercise sandal. It also had a groove in the heel that, if you slipped and hit it the wrong way, your heel really hurt for a bit! The new model sold everywhere today is made of a solid, cheap, porous wood, with cheap rubber bottoms that wear off quickly - 50-75% worse quality and 100% higher price. There is no toe grip, just an oddly smooth surface, and the cut is much more narrow. June 1, 2013
Nothing is as good as the Original Scholl sandals. The original Dr. Scholl sandals last much longer than the "new" Scholl sandals and have a better toe grip for ease of walking and exercise of the leg. March 18, 2013
thank you I appreciate your sending my shoes in a timely fashion...however, your shipping rates to Hawaii are outrageous! That being said, since you were the ONLY place on earth that appeared to have my size and preferred color, I didn't mind toooo much in spending the extra money...These are the only shoes I can wear to alleviate back pain...kchung February 12, 2013
Happy to find the original wood excercise sandal I have worn these ever since they first came out over thirty years ago. Was disappointed last spring when I ordered, and received the new faux wood with lots of cushioning. Living in Florida, I love the coolness of the real wood. Makes all the difference in the sandal. Was thrilled to find the real thing at your store. January 29, 2013
Tile floors are a killer For the longest time I couldn't figure out why my legs and feet hurt so badly after a day of working around the house. One day, I realized all my floors are tile. I tried several different shoes but none seemed to help. A co-worker suggested I try Dr. Scholl's sandals. No more painful, tired legs and I've worn out 3 pair! I went to my favorite shoe website to order a new pair, but and they no longer carry them. I was so happy to find your site! Please don't ever stop carrying the original Dr. Scholl's exercise sandal! January 21, 2013
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Dr. Scholl’s Sandals …

"I've had a hard time finding Dr. Scholl's original exercise sandals. I'm happy to find them in your catalogue." - Lise Anne Slatten, Lafayette, LA

"I have great bow-legs, thanks to Dr. Scholl's famous exercise sandles. I started wearing them in my teens and I am in my late fifties, and I'm still wearing my third pair. I have wanted to buy new ones for the longest time and could not find them, so I have nursed the pair that I own for many a year now. We become re-acquainted every summer. Thanks, VERMONT COUNTRY STORE, for affording me a brand new pair." - Adra E Harris, Dallas, TX

"I still have two pairs that I baby. After all these years I must attribute those "great legs" compliments directly to the Dr. Scholl's sandals I wore every summer every day over 10 years." - Chris, Colorado Springs, CO

"In the '70s I had a pair and lost them in a fire many years later. Found a website and ordered a pair I had since 2000. Dog chewed them on the toes, and my husband carefully sanded them -- good as new. I will never part with them since size 5 is no longer available. Really, when your feet are tired, walk a mile in Dr. Scholl's Wooden Exercise Sandals. Kidding about the mile; you get the drift." - Helen Mateki, Bedford, TX