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Woodhue Eau de Cologne

Under the Wooden Top, the Spicy Citrus Scent of Woodhue® Awaits You

Woodhue Eau de Cologne

Under the Wooden Top, the Spicy Citrus Scent of Woodhue® Awaits You

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This product is currently not available.

What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Woodhue Eau de Cologne …

"It's a miracle that you found the fragrance Woodhue. I have been searching for it for years. Never could understand why that fragrance disappeared. So many men at work would comment how beautiful it smelled. Men never really comment on a fragrance, but they always did with Woodhue. I'm so excited to be able to purchase it again. You really do help people. Keep up the good  work." - Dolores Sowa, Nanuet, NY

" Thank you so very much for finding Woodhue cologne for me and in such a timely fashion. I love it and it's exactly as I expected and remembered." - Barbara Creighton, Seymour, CT

"I found this for my wife Karen and she smells so sweet kissing me goodbye each morning. Woodhue was her favorite perfume and I can only say 'she loves it'. Thanks." - Jeff, Birmingham, Al

"I always felt that Woodhue was just me. I loved the fragrance and it matched my personality. In high school I had a boyfriend named Hugh. I jokingly told my friends I asked Wood-Hue and he said no. I am so happy this fragrance has made a comeback!" - Claudia, Johnson City,

"I remember my mother wearing this cologne when I was growing up. I always loved the way she smelled. She and I were talking about perfumes a number of years ago and Woodhue came up. She said that she would love to find it again. I tried a couple of times on the internet with no luck. Yesterday I saw it in the catalog you sent me. I am ordering some for myself. Mom passed away 12-07, otherwise she would be getting some, too." - Pam Andon, arizona city, AZ

"My mom passed on Christmas Day in 2007. Mary Louise was a "natural beauty," and the only fragrance I remember her wearing was Woodhue. I am ordering it "scent unseen" to conjure up her spirit and the spirit of my experience of the '60s. Thank you for making these nostalgic products available. You clearly make so many people happy by trading in happy memories." - Mar, Tecumseh, MI

"I love the scent of this perfume as it brings back many happy memories of my teenage years when I wore it." - Susan Larson, Fargo, ND

"This fragrance brings back wonderful memories of my Grandma Goldie. It was the perfume she wore when I was very young, only about 3 or 4, but I remember it distinctly with the warm, woodsy, spicy scents. I found an old bottle of it in my mother's dresser after Grandma was gone, and I recall sneaking a whiff of it just so I could picture her again. Thanks for the memories." - Chari, Stoughton, WI

"A reminder of one of my grandmothers: After her death, I used the remainder of her cologne to remember her by." - Liz, Beverly, MA

"I wore Woodhue for years; like so many women, I loved it. Please, please, don't stop selling it again." - Pamela Drake, Baltimore, MD

"I remember this cologne of my mother's. I even sneaked some occasionally as a very young girl. Surely it didn't cost $40.00 in the '50s and '60s, as we were fairly poor and I know my mom couldn't afford it. It was a wonderful scent then and I will have to buy some now." - Bette Beem, Moscow, TN

"When I was a young girl, I knew a rich lady who always wore Woodhue. I later was able to buy it and then it was discontinued. I've been looking for it for 30 years and I am estatic! I have ordered it." - mary potts, gadsden, AL

"Whenever I think of my mother and her favorite things, I think of Woodhue Cologne, which she has worn since she was teenager. She was extremely disappointed when it was pulled from the market and tried to secure as many bottles as she could, which turned out to be a mere six. Over the course of several years, she strategically doled out drops of the fragrance for special occasions until she was down to her last bottle. Within a couple of years it too was depleted, and only the scent itself remained. You can't imagine how happy I was to have discovered that VCS sells Woodhue nor how happy my mother was to receive it this past Christmas. It made Christmas all the more special. And now, she can wear her favorite fragrance whenever she likes without fear of running out. Thank you, VCS!" - Antoinette, San Antonio, , TX

"I want this so bad I can tase it. I feel I have found my life again. I've looked for Woodhue for many years, then gave up. I cannot wait to order my WOODHUE." - Elese Santino, Sa Antonio, TX

"My father was a military man, and we were stationed in Fla. during my teen years. It was the early 60s, and I discovered Woodhue in the base PX. I never wore it without men commenting on the fragrance. Once, while at the doctor's for an ear infection, the doctor was looking into my ears and asked what scent I was wearing. I told him, and he said, "That is just wicked. I need to tell my wife to get some." Anyway, I can't believe I have found it again. Thanks for giving me a piece of my youth back. Can't wait to wear it again!!!-Kathy, Peabody, MA

"Woodhue was my sister's and mother's favorite perfume. I was thrilled to find it in The Vermont Country Store, because when I purchased it from other sources, the scent was not the same. The perfume from VCS is exactly as I and they remembered. It made the perfect Christmas present this year." - Laura, Strongsville, OH