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Pastel Mints (1 lb. Box)

If You Were a Fan of Merrimints, You'll Love Our Melt-in-Your-Mouth Ridged Pastel Mints

Pastel Mints (1 lb. Box)

If You Were a Fan of Merrimints, You'll Love Our Melt-in-Your-Mouth Ridged Pastel Mints

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Pastel Mints (1 lb. Box) 4.9 5 27 27
Oldie and Such a Goodie These mints are delicious. I bought them last year for my husband for Christmas, although I expected to steal a few for myself. They were even better tasting than the Fanny Farmer mints we'd bought forty-five years earlier in Minneapolis. They were always the precursor to a movie, and when we moved to an area with no Fanny Farmer, we really missed our spectacular pink wintergreen wafers. We liked the pink and the white ones especially but less so the green and yellow. The rich flavor of these mints in green and yellow, however, is superb. The mints really do melt in your mouth. Thanks to VCC, we have a new Christmas tradition. Thanks! December 14, 2013
Shelf Life Question These were a favorite holiday treat 50 years ago for my family. Happy to have them back! But does anyone know why the shelf life is listed as only being 10 days?? October 29, 2013
World's Best Mints! I ADORE these mints! Was SOOO excited to find them in your catalog. We used to buy these at the candy counter of a local dept. store when I was a little girl, and I was very upset when they disappeared. A HUGE thank you to the company reproducing these mints! They replicated the taste and texture and appearance just like I remember them. Will be back for more! October 23, 2013
A Blast From The Past I purchased these mints for my mother for her birthday. Years ago (20-30) these mints were standard in our house. I rediscovered them in your catalogue and was thrilled! So was my mom. I have found several food items in your catalogue that I remember from my childhood. Thank you for the memories! October 16, 2013
Pastel Mints are just like I remember them I loved the MERRIMINTS they tasted just like I remember them way back when. I have looked for years for them and couldn't find them and one day I was looking through my neighbors catalogue and THERE THEY WERE. So I borrower her catalogue and went online and bought them, I wish they were a little less expensive but you can't have everything. I have already recommended your products to friends. thank you Holly September 3, 2013
Died & Gone to Heaven Never thought I'd live to see these yummy mints again! They were just as good as I remembered them and I ate the whole box (shared ONE with a friend). As I recall, there used to be an orange flavored one too. But I'm sooooo grateful to have all the other flavors, I'm not complaining! August 8, 2013
Just like Grandma's When the six girls in my house visited my Grandmother, she would always get out her Pastel Mints. We were only allowed to take 2 each visit, but it was a big treat. When I saw these pastels on line, I had to buy them to bring childhood memories back to my 5 sisters and cousins (who were only allowed 2 pastels, too). What wonderful memories these mints brought back to all of us. Funny how a taste from childhood can bring back such wonderful memories! August 6, 2013
ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS Of the items I ordered for a 90th birthday party, the mints were the best hit. People wanted to know where I found them. Really Good!!!!!! Yes, I told them Vermont Country Store. May 31, 2013
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Pastel Mints (1 lb. Box) …

"45 years ago my grandmother used to give these as a treat when we visited her as a child...I have been waiting to find these for years...they are wonderful, melt-in-your-mouth minty disappointments here, even for the price..." - Debra, anytown, AL

"I have been searching for these for years! Lazarus Dept. store in Columbus, Ohio, carried these mints and had a huge case full. They had many different colors and flavors - blue ones, deep red ones (cinnamon). I am so happy to find them again - thank you!" - Kaye Neuman, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"My grandfather created Merrimints, the originals, and these are the next best candies to them!" - Elizabeth Schaper, Purchase, NY

"Strolling down memory lane . . . My mom used to buy these candies when she'd go grocery shopping as a ploy to get help putting groceries away. The deal was, we could open them as soon as we found them. Somehow they were always in the last bag we got to. Coincidence? I think not! Years later, I found out these were one of my husband's childhood favorites as well. I was so happy when I found them at the Vermont Country Store and could surprise him on Christmas day with these candies as a stocking stuffer. The look on his face was priceless! Thanks VCS for finding this wonderful treat!" - O'Shea McAllister, Mobile, AL

"I also got them at the Lazarus store in Columbus, Ohio. I ordered them for my wedding and people loved them, especially the dark red ones (cinnamon). Luckily, I had ordered several pounds of them, and people loved them so much they took some home with them. These are as good as I remember! Maybe we could try some cinnamon? Thanks!" - Cheryl Kessler, Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you, VCS, for finding and bringing back these mints! We used to have them only at Thanksgiving time at my grandmother's house when I was young. Years went by and I could never find them until I saw them in your catalog! Please keep them available!" - Wendy Herlein, Burlington, IA

"I remember these as a youth. They were expensive then, too. Only my aunt could afford them. They were a Christmas treat. What I miss are the cinnamon, orange and peppermint. Makes me feel young again." - Hal Young, Plymouth, MI

"I loved these mints as a child and couldn't find them till I saw them online. The only thing I see missing is the red ones, cinnamon flavor. Please see if you could make those and keep these available for us old! Thanks." - Joy T, sugar grove, OH

"I, too, enjoyed getting the Merrimints at Lazarus Department Store in Columbus, Ohio. I would love to be able to purchase some cinnamon ones!" - LuAnn, Duncan Falls, OH

"We had these as children only when we went with Grandma and Grandpa on our yearly car trip to visit relatives in Indiana. They bring back so many memories of my brothers and sister and I "stealing" them from the picnic basket in the back seat. I miss those trips and I am so glad I found them again. Can't wait to get them for the holidays and surprise my sibs!! Thank you for finding them for me again!!" - Teri Knight, Stow, OH


"My mother loves the pink and white wafered mints. My dad would get them for her for special occasions and holidays. Dad has passed now, and I was just thrilled to see them in your catalog so I could get some for her for Christmas. She loves them." - Anne Trudel, Potomac, MD