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Tigress Eau de Cologne

Tigress®: Are You Wild Enough to Wear It?

Tigress Eau de Cologne

Tigress®: Are You Wild Enough to Wear It?

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This product is currently not available.

What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Tigress Eau de Cologne …

"I have been carefully nursing a 40-year-old bottle of Tigress I found at my Mom's house. It was my favorite fragrance in 1964 and I first smelled it on a rival seeking the affection of my boyfriend. I was so disappointed when it was discontinued, but thrilled when I found it in your catalogue. Thank you very much for ‘remembering' on our behalf." - Lynda Downey, ,

"Thank you very much for providing the opportunity to find Tigress cologne again. I was so excited to see it listed in your catalog, and appreciate you reaching into the past to provide us with products we used to love and lost touch with." - Karen Koonce, Moore, OK

"I wore this fragrance in the mid 1950s when I started dating a fellow whom I eventually married. I was disappointed when they discontinued selling it. Then to my surprise, I saw it advertised in your catalog and ordered it in time to wear to our 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Sweet memories!" - Phyllis McCord, Highland Heights, KY

"I am amazed! I opened the bottle and immediately 'time traveled' back 30 years. Tigress was the only scent I ever used (till it went o ff the market) from teen to adult years! Thank you so much." - Judith D. Taylor, El Cajon, CA

"I've been using Tigress Cologne since I was in high school -- 1952-1956 -- and am still using it. It is, by far, my favorite cologne of all time." - Connie Nash-Sundblad, Huntington Beach, CA

"Thrilled to find it at the Vermont Country Store. I love your efforts to bring back some elements from the past that were precious to us...and I trust will be cherised by another generation. Tigress was my favorite fragrance when I was a young nurse in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps. Though we were serious young women, comitted to our work and our country, there were also times when we could be at play and wear our perfume. Serving my country was a highlight of my nursing career continues after 47 years. I'm so very much looking forward to rekindling the feeling of pride I felt during my military again enjoying the priceless fragrance of that bygone time." - eloise foreman, easton, PA

"My grandmother used to wear it." - nilda carire, brooklyn, NY

"OMG I cannot believe you have this for sale. Tigress is all I wore in the 60's and early 70's. Everybody knew to get me Tigress for a Christmas present and I would be happy. Thank you so much for bringing it back to me." - Sheree Sapp, Tallahassee, FL

"I have worn this perfume for many years. One day I had a phone call from my ex-husband, and it was the oddest thing. He asked me what purfume I wore? I thought that was a strange question because he was now remarried. I giggled and said what else? Tigress. I suppose he needed a little Tigress in his life" - susan piazza, Waveland, MS

"My sister used to wear this when she was 16 and I used to splash it on when I was able to. She has been looking for this everywhere; now I can buy her some and surprise her with it. Her first boyfriend bought it for her, so it holds special memories. Thank you very much for carrying it." - Diana Hilgert (Gottfried), Lima, OH

"There are many wonderful scents but Tigress was one of the first expensive perfumes in my time; and in dating and working, it was a wonderful way to express the freedoms we had then. Not too old and not too bold perfume. It made me feel like a real lady/woman. I am so glad I know I can get it at your website. Many wonderful memories with my Mouton coat and pillbox hats, when men were men and treated ladies like ladies. Thank you" - emma williams, Emory, TX

"I wore Tigress when I was a teenager. It was always my favorite cologne and I haven't seen it in years. I looked online . . . and there you were!" - Jeri Anderson, Taylor, AZ

"I love the scent, and it brings back many fond memories. It was first given to me in high school by my boyfriend ,and I wore it for years until I couldn't find it -- until now. I cant wait to order it and start wearing again." - Leslie Combs, summerfield, FL

"This is my number-one favorite cologne. I remember when I was in the ninth grade and saw the bottle for the first time, I had a thing for Tigress. The fur grabbed my attention and the grooves in the bottle, very pleasing to look at. One sniff and I was hooked for life. The purr-fume was a friend's mother's, and she was glad to let me wear some. Everywhere I went that evening, heads turned and noses went in the air. "What are you wearing?" was the question on their lips and even, to my surprise, a stolen kiss from a male friend. As with others in review here, I too was disappointed when I could not longer purchase it. I had to have this scent, so I would take Tabu and add lots of sandalwood with it to get it as close as I could -- close, but not Tigress. Then recently discovered I could once again purchase Tigress. To my joy, I found it listed on another favorite, Vermont Country Store. Thank you for this fragrance. It holds many memories of joy from my teen and adult life, etched forever in my mind. A must-have for any adventurous woman." - Sandra Haley, Humboldt, TN

"I can't believe that I found Tigress. That was my favorite perfume in the '60s. I even bought Tigress hairspray, at that time cost me $5.00. I can't wait to put it on. It does bring a lot of good memories of that time. Thanks!" - Diana Moore, Accokeek, MD

"I used Tigress my last year in high school and on into my marriage. I was so disappointed when the fragrance changed and I no longer could get the original. I am so happy that I received a bottle from your store as a Christmas present, and my daughters all agreed the scent was the same. Love it!" - Peggy Carruth, Millington, TN

"I am so happy to see Tigress Cologne in your line-up! For my 13th birthday, my folks gave me a bottle of cologne and bath powder and it was Tigress. It was really too bold for a 13-year old; however, they were very loving parents of an only child, but just country farmers, so what did they know about colognes for young girls? I loved it anyway. Probably 50 years later I saw the same set in an Antique Mall in Round Rock, TX, and just had to buy it. The bath powder still has the paper cover intact, and although the cologne has been opened, it's still full and still has "the" scent! I've never used either, of course, but today I'm ordering a bottle of Tigress for me to use. Thanks to VMC. I love your catalog and website!!" - Myra W, Killeen, TX

"On my 13th birthday (1950), my parents gave me a set of Tigress -- bath powder and cologne. I guess it was really a little sophisticated for a 13-year-old, but what did they know? They were just farm folk who dearly loved their only child. I wore it for a long time and then couldn't find it any more. About 20 years ago, I saw the same set in an antique mall. It had never been opened, and, of course, I just had to have it. It still hasn't been used (I've opened the bottle just so I could smell the wonderful fragrance). Thanks for remembering this special fragrance and blast from the past!" - Myra Wade, Killeen, TX

"My sister used to wear this when she was 16 and I used to splash it on when I was able to. She has been looking for this everywhere; now I can buy her some and surprise her with it. Her first boyfriend bought it for her, so it holds special memories. Thank you very much for carrying it." - diana hilgert (gottfried), lima, OH

"I was so estatic to see Tigress being offered in your catalog. I used this product about 20 years ago. It has always been my favorite. I was overwhelmed with joy when this catalog came for my sister in the mail. First time seeing this particular catalog. I haven't ordered yet, but plan to."-Florda Porterfield, Belmont, CA

"When I first started using Tigress I was gently using my mom's. Then started buying my own in the early '70s. Then it just seemed to disappear. I was blown away when I saw that you carried Tigress in your catalog. When I wear it now it reminds me of my teen years and also of my mom who has dementia now and doesn't remember a lot. So Mom is always with me when I wear Tigress! Thank you so much."-Deborah McCauley, Peabody, MA

"Finally the treat I used to buy in a paper-cone bag before cramming for a test back in Holland. I still love them and have introduced my family and friends to these natural liquorice allsorts. The tin is cute, too."-Lynn, Seattle, WA

"I have used Tigress Eau de Cologne since I was 17 years old and I love it. It is the best of the colognes I have ever used." - Mildred Moya, Ventura, CA