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Country Herbal Shampoo

Remember the Original Clairol Herbal Essence®? Then Try Our Country Herbal Shampoo™

Country Herbal Shampoo

Remember the Original Clairol Herbal Essence®? Then Try Our Country Herbal Shampoo™

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This product is currently not available.

What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Country Herbal Shampoo …

"I have been looking for the original Herbal Essence for years! I finally gave up, realizing that this scent was gone. Thank you soooo much for bringing it back. The scent takes me back to when I was a young teenager and tried it for the first time at the Jersey shore! Every time I wash my hair with this product, I take a mini trip back to the shore! Many thanks!" - Claudia Myers, Goshen, NY

"I was thinking one day about this product, and lo and behold, here it is! This must mean buy some now. Thank you for bringing it back. The smell is so relaxing and your hair feels so clean. Many thanks again. Your company is the best!" - Joyce S, Denver, CO

"I just opened my package and couldn't wait to take a sniff -- it took me back to high school when I actually had a lot of hair! A great shampoo with an amazing scent. I'm still smiling, and as Bob Hope used to sing, "Thanks for the memories"!" - Danny Griffin, Jersey City, NJ

"The scent and color of this shampoo really are identical to the original. Plus it's excellent quality shampoo that leaves hair very nice. I would love to have conditioner in the same scent (although back then it was called "creme rinse," I think). Using or even just inhaling this shampoo is a direct blast back to the '70s!" - Susan, Alexandria, VA

"Knock-off products more often than not are not close to the original at all. I've purchased Herbal Essence fragrance oil on eBay, to find the smell not even close to the original shampoo. So I was nervous about buying this. But I was pleasantly surprised! They really have duplicated the fragrance, color, and feel of the shampoo. It is not watery or cheap, it does a good job at its function, as well has the fragrance. Any user of the original Herbal Essence would be thrilled to use this. I know I am!" - David Smothers, Odessa, MO

"I just got my bottle of the Country Herbal Shampoo in the mail today. I have been looking for this for years and even put notes out on the Internet. Someone was selling what they touted as an original bottle of this shampoo for more than $50! I'm not the only one who really, really wanted it revived! This is exactly the fragrance of the original Herbal Essence Shampoo I loved so well back in 1972. It's a delicate balance of flowers, fern, and a touch of green that is timeless, exhilarating, and luxurious! I was hoping that my memory of how great it was would live up to being reunited with this smell today, and it's everything I remembered. Thank you, Vermont Country Store! I'm so glad I don't have to deal with one more gaggy, sweet, little kid tutti-frutti shampoo scent that fills the shelves of stores today. This shampoo is going into every holiday gift basket for all my girlfriends. Love it. Love it. Love it! Now, if I can only convince your people to make a body spray, I will be in heaven!" - Mimi DiFrancesca, East Lansing, MI

"Smells just like the Clairol version. More affordable than on eBay but a little runny. Still cleans like the original. Thank you!" - mary naehring, old lyme, CT

"I was thrilled when you came out with a very close cousin of the Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo. Wow, I was so very happy. Thank you for bringing me back to an earlier time in my life. S. Lind" - Sandra Lind, Fairview, NJ

"Although I love it now, I'll admit that my first reaction to this shampoo was disappointment: Yes, it has that same powerful jolt of flowery perfume, but the aroma itself is not identical to the Herbal Essence I so fondly remember. I was not going to throw it out, however, so I began using it. After about a week I suddenly realized that I really liked this shampoo because it has the same effect of waking up the senses that Herbal Essence did. It also leaves your hair with a good clean, silky feel and a much more subdued lingering version of the fresh, flowery smell. Although the smell does not duplicate Herbal Essence exactly, I find that it has actually supplanted the smell in my memory so I now enjoy it just as I did Herbal Essence years ago. Considering that genuine Herbal Essence is only available now on eBay as hoarded and expired bottles selling for about $100 each, this shampoo is a welcome, if not exact, revival of the Herbal Essence experience. Go for it." - Barney Black, Falls Church, VA

"It was me! At least I was one of the people who suggested this fabulous shampoo! Each time I'd find some I'd buy every bottle until I could no longer find it. I wrote the original company and they told me they no longer made it. Big mistake!! Takes me back to that fragrant mountain pool where I washed my hair for 30 years. Thank you, thank you!!!" - Linda Halpin, Katy, TX

"This is the same in every way as the original! I use it as a bubble bath, adding sea salts to my bath and then the Country Herbal Shampoo, so I get excellent bubbles! I am ordering more today! I highly recommend this!" - Rae Gomez, Dana Point, CA

"Having overlooked the original in '03, I finally get to make up for the time I wasted on the "new" Herbal Essences with this lovely scent!" - Sara, Greenfield, MA

"The Herbal Essences aromas were really a fresh clean, earthy scent. I used the body spray for years, and loved it until it went away." - Ruth Stein, Austin, TX

"I discovered that The Vermont Country Store was carrying a version of my FAVORITE shampoo of the '70s some time ago. I regularly buy a supply. My sons have long since abandoned their pricier product as they tried Mom's shampoo and love the results. I keep a bottle in the guest bathroom, and when family visit, those who use it rave about the results, and of course ask where they can get this shampoo. Thanks, Vermont Country Store, for providing this wonderful (and inexpensive) excellent shampoo."-Kerry Gennace, North Arlington, NJ

"I love this shampoo. It smells absolutely fabulous...very close to the original Herbal Essence, and it makes my hair feel luscious. I hope The Vermont Country Store makes it available again soon, as I am OUT of it!" - Elise, West Hollywood, CA


"They say that smell is so closely linked to memory. I can recall, exactly, the original scent of the Herbal Essence shampoo. The scent was woodsy, green, flowery, and comforting. I had very long hair most of my life, and I remember my mother bathing me as a very little girl, and washing my hair with this heavenly aroma, just as she used on her own hair. We grew up in Virginia Beach, VA, in the 80s and would spend long days at the beach in the summer. When we would come home to wash off the beach, the memory of this luscious scent mixed with the sand, sun and sea was euphoric, even for a young girl. We would visit the local waterpark and come home to rinse off the chlorine..I would wash off outdoors with Herbal Essence in the sunlight. What comforting memories! When my little girl was born, I used it on her sometimes, although the scent was becoming more sparse in stores. As time went, I realized it had been a while since I had seen it, and was heartbroken to find it was discontinued. I purchased a bottle of the original off eBay for some ridiculous amount..not to use it, but just to smell it. Then, one day, I was glancing through my mother's Vermont Country Store catalog and found your shampoo version. I was very eager to try it..and I was not disappointed! At least to me, it reminds me exactly of the original and still produces the same squeaky shine! I bathe my son's hair almost nightly with your product now, and love to cuddle him to sleep, smelling his head. I have bought quite a few bottles from your store for me, my family, and as gifts. Please don't ever discontinue this product like the heartless original company did! It is the only one out there that I have found to be so very much identical to the original. I also love the artwork on the bottle..I miss the blond lady in the pond, but the artwork does a good job reminding me anyway. Thanks again!" - Rachel S, La Jolla, CA