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Bun Bars (Pkg. of 12 Bars)

Bun Bars (Pkg. of 12 Bars)

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This product is currently not available.
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found an old friend I used to love these when I lived in Oregon in the early 70's. After moving to Los Angeles, I never saw them again - until they miraculously appeared in your catalog. Thank you so much - loving them again after 35 years! May 7, 2013
Old Fashioned Goodness I used to be able to purchase this product at my local drug store in their vast candy aisle. I hadn't seen them again for MANY years, and was glad to finally see them available in an issue of your catalog a while back. Even though you don't list them in some recent catalogs, I'm still able to order them. Only problem is, what do I get - vanilla creme or maple creme? February 18, 2013
Gotta love a Bun Bun bars are one of my husband's favorite candy treats but we haven't been able to find them very easily. For our anniversary I surprised him with a little box of Bun bars from Vermont Country Store and he was tickled to say the least. November 17, 2012
Great Combination of Flavors I've always loved anything maple, so I'm not surprised that I was hooked the first time I tried a maple flavor Bun. The delicious maple cream filling, smothered in rich chocolate, combined with the crunch of fresh peanuts makes for a really satisfying and tasty treat. I hadn't seen Buns for years, though ... until I found them on The Vermont Country Store web site. They're irresistible in maple or vanilla cream - give 'em a try! November 16, 2012
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Bun Bars (Pkg. of 12 Bars) …

"Mom is 90 years old and has always loved Bun candy bars—thank goodness you have them for her. I just sent her some and she is delighted." - Jo Hunt, Downers Grove, IL

"Bun bars were my mother's favorite candies. Years ago when I was very young and would make a trip to the store I would always pick up one or two for mom. She absolutely loved them. If we were out shopping, she would buy several bun bars to take home and snack on later. At the time I didn't care much for them, but now I love them and am so glad you carry these because they are extremely hard to find and they bring back so many wonderful memories of mom and me together. Can't wait to receive them." - Louanne, Brooks, KY

"I have been looking for a long time for this treat -- I can't wait to receive it. Thanks for having it. Maria Sfura-Francis, Iowa" - maria Sfura-Francis, burlington, IA

"Years ago, growing up in Ohio, I remember my mother buying these as a special treat. We all loved them and they were my mother's favorite. My mother passed away 18 years ago, and many times when I think of her, I think about these bars. Thank you for bringing back this childhood memory." - Karen Belton, Baltimore, MD

"This was my favorite treat back in the 50's. So glad I found them at your store. I can't find them anywhere here in CA. The maple ones are so yummy." - Barbara Nickel, Ventura, CA

"When I was a young girl in elementary school, my mom would always pack a Bun in my lunch. I always loved them but didn't really think that much about them until they dropped off the store shelves and I could no longer have them. I told my kids about them but since we couldn't buy them anywhere, they didn't mean much to them. Alas, I was so delighted when I saw that you had them in your store!! The first bag went so fast I could hardly believe it. Now I have converted my husband, my kids, friends, and reignited the flame for my brother. I actually did find the maple ones in our neighborhood Dollar Store but to me, nothing beats that vanilla cream! Thank you for bringing them back to life!" - Kim Berk, Reisterstown, MD