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Cedar Oil (Set of 2 Bottles)

Cedar Oil: Natural Enemy of Spiders, Bugs, Moths

Cedar Oil (Set of 2 Bottles)

Cedar Oil: Natural Enemy of Spiders, Bugs, Moths

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Made with pure cedar oil in a mineral oil base, our spray contains no perfumes, just the pleasant aroma of natural cedar. Renews the natural scent of cedar boxes, furniture, and shoe trees. Also repels insects and spiders. Use to freshen pet bedding, closets and drawers, and damp, musty areas. 8 oz. spray bottle.

  • Made with pure cedar oil
  • Repels spiders and insects
  • Great for refreshing closests and damp, musty areas

Freshen your home and protect it from spiders, insects, and moths with our spray made with pure cedar oil.

Cedar Oil (Set of 2 Bottles)

Safety Warnings

Danger: Harmful if swallowed; keep out of reach of children. May stain garments; do not spray directly onto clothing. If it comes into contact with eyes, flush with water. For contact with skin, rinse with soapy water. If ingested, do not induce vomiting - seek immediate medical attention.


Contains Pure Cedarwood Oil blended with mineral oil.


Do not allow to freeze.

Sizing & Specifications

Assembly Required: N

Capacity: 8 oz

Cord Polarized: N


Manufactured In: USA

Material - Country Of Origin: USA

Cedar Oil (Set of 2 Bottles) 4.7 5 12 12
Wonderful features I bought these bottles to spray into my closets and attic. I think Vermont Country Store gets more and more products that work for us in ways that get our homes and lives more and more in tune with our life styles. Thank you Vermont Country Store. May 7, 2014
Cedar wood Cedar Oil I am inspired to clean most often using the cedar oil which is a terrific cleaner. I am happy with the results. January 7, 2014
No more scorpions! I bought this for my brother-in-law and his wife. After visiting them in their new home. We discovered they have a problem with scorpions getting into their home. The home is beautiful and overlooks West Point Lake in Georgia. I went on line and discovered that the best deterrent for scorpions is red cedar oil applied liberally at the points of suspected entrance so I got this as a gift for them. If it works I am sure you will be getting reorders from them. November 29, 2013
Grandmother's house I love the smell of cedar because it always brings back memories of my grandmother's cedar closet. As a young widow with seven children, my grandmother had to conserve clothing (and money when there was any), so each year at the end of winter, the heavy coats were sponged down and put into the cedar closet where moths would not eat and destroy the fabric. Each fall, the coats were taken out, aired out on the outside clothes line and then passed onto whichever child each coat fit. My grandmother taught me diligence, thrift and practicality through that cedar closet. Your cedar oil brings back those memories and reminders. Thanks so much. November 21, 2013
Cedar Oil I use one of the two bottles in the order and put in my hose sprayer and spray all around my house. Good for running off the insects, snakes and scorpions. AND, it smells so good and I spray my porches. November 14, 2013
Didn't even know this wonderful product existed! Bought this to refresh an OLD cedar-line sweater cabinet. Has done that very well. Also, removed stale smell from an old armoire. Most amazing is the ability to spray it around inside foundation area to discourage spiders and other creepy crawlers. So far, so good. November 13, 2013
USE AT PEST CONTROL We live on the Gulf Coast, of course we have lots of bugs, fleas, flies and the worst is Palmetto bugs (looks like a giant roach on steroids). They live outside in wooded areas but when the weather gets wet they come in. They can fly too. We have lived here 22 years. Our neighbor told us about cedar oil and have used it, it works. We usually spray early spring during wet weather, but this summer it rains nearly everyday. Cedar Oil works. We use it in the barn, on our donkeys legs with flies. We have NO BUGS in the house, they are outside where they belong. Our farmers coop has stop carrying natural cedar oil, they are carrying synthetic??? REALLY August 18, 2013
A must have While the purpose of purchasing this cedar oil was to refresh my cedar blocks and balls for closets and chest, I find myself using it to spray inside the cabinets especially underneath the kitchen sink. I love the fresh, outdoors scent when you open the doors. May 15, 2013
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Cedar Oil (Set of 2 Bottles) …

"...for about a year! That's the last time I found and used CEDAR OIL. For a short and heavenly time I was ""breathing deep""...remembering Christmas at Granny's...roaming her cedar woods...""drawing"" water from her well...THEN!..The dept. store stopped carrying cedar oil spray! I searched all over town....(no luck)...started searching the web..and...BINGO! This Christmas will be wonderful! You guys are great! (Don't you dare stop carrying cedarwood....)" - jan holland, pikeville, TN

"I bought this oil a few years ago to get rid of bed bugs a safe way, and it works awsome... It smells good and kills the bed bugs... Also makes wood furniture shine in the process... I recommend this to all my friends to get rid of or prevent bugs of all kinds, especially anything that bites like bed bugs." -Teresa Williams, Auburn, AL