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Jubilee Kitchen Wax (Set of 2 Bottles)

Your Favorite Cleaner Is Back and Ready To Tackle Today’s Grease and Grime

Jubilee Kitchen Wax (Set of 2 Bottles)

Your Favorite Cleaner Is Back and Ready To Tackle Today’s Grease and Grime

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Long discontinued, but not forgotten, Jubilee Kitchen Wax and Cleaner is one of our most requested products from the past. Re-created using the original formula, today’s Jubilee Kitchen Wax is just as you remember: an easy-to-use liquid cream that cleans, shines, and protects. It works great on appliances, ceramic tiles, woodwork, vinyl, leather, chrome fixtures, and laminated plastic, cutting through through greasy grime and leaving behind a brilliant shine throughout your home. Gentle and scratch resistant, the original Jubilee Kitchen Wax removes grease spots, soot, lipstick, food stains, and yellow cooking film and puts down a hard shine that protects surfaces and makes spills easy to wipe clean. 15 oz. bottle; you get 2 bottles.

  • Original formula
  • Easy-to-use liquid cream
  • Cleans, shines, and protects
  • Easily removes food stains and greasy cooking film
  • Scratch resistant
  • You will receive 2 bottles of Jubilee

Jump for joy! The Original Jubilee Kitchen Wax and Cleaner is back!

Jubilee Kitchen Wax (Set of 2 Bottles)

Safety Warnings

Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Call physician immediately. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on stainless steel or granite.


Proprietary formula.


Shake well. Apply Jubilee to a damp cloth or sponge and rub gently to loosen dirt. While still damp, wipe with a clean, soft cloth.

Sizing & Specifications

Net Weight: 15 oz.


Manufactured In: USA

Material - Country Of Origin: USA

Jubilee Kitchen Wax (Set of 2 Bottles) 4.4 5 9 9
I'M ECSTATIC IT'S BACK! For several years now I have kept a lookout for this product. I am 66 years old, and can remember my mother using it in her own kitchen. With it's clean aroma it cut's grease like magic and leaves a nice shine behind, protecting the item on which it is used. From refrigerator exteriors to both large and small appliances, it makes quick work of cleaning in the kitchen and other areas of the house where things need a nice clean gleam. November 25, 2014
Jubilee Kitchen Wax I used Jubilee Kitchen Wax years ago when it was available from a store. In fact, I had to special order it. I had brand new counters in my house that I wanted to stay new. If stained, I cleaned them first with Bon Ami and a thorough rinse. Next I applied a liberal coat of Jubilee Kitchen Wax. I let it dry for about 10 minutes and wiped off the excess. I then applied a second coat and let it dry completely. I wiped off the excess wax. Lastly, I buffed the entire surface with a soft cloth. I buffed until the surface has a slick feel to it. This process made a protective finish that repelled stains. I also used it on the chrome ring around my new sink which had already started to rust. Using Jubilee Kitchen Wax, it had no more rust. This is a multi-step process and well worth the time to protect new counters. I gave my old counters a "like new" look in my present mobile home with the same process using Jubilee Kitchen Wax. November 13, 2014
Found it & love it!!! LOVE IT!!! Local store used to sell this, but they were bought-out & it's no longer on the shelves. My mother-in-law used this (I'll surprise her with a bottle!), and her house always looked ready for company. I've only used it on enameled surfaces and they look great after (and wipe clean easily) September 16, 2014
Sounded good I ordered this because of the reviews, and received them a week ago. I have tried it in the bathroom-tub, sink, and floor; kitchen-cabinets, and floor. I wanted to try it on furniture but with the ridiculously bad result from what I've already used it on, I won't dare. It does not clean for one thing. So I tried again cleaning first and using for the protection and shine... but there is absolutely no shine associated with using this product! My mother never used this product, which is why i believed the reviews. Obviously she didnt use it because she wanted a clean house! I really wouldn't give it any stars but that was not an option. August 31, 2014
WONDERFUL NEWS i can't tell you how thrilled I am that Jubilee is now available! I had used it many times years ago and loved the product. So disappointed when I couldn't get it for many years. Now that it is available through Vermont Country Store, you best believe I will order several bottles and spread the word. Thank you. August 12, 2014
So Happy It's Back My mom used this product all the time. When I got my own home I also used it. It works on everything. I used it on my appliances and bathroom tile. I'm so excited that the wax is back! July 21, 2014
kitchen cabinets My white cabinets were beginning to look bad. Wiping with a damp cloth wasn't doing the job. Jubilee really put a nice smooth feel back on them and cleaned away dirt around handles. It took time but was well worth it. June 23, 2014
Great Stuff Today I received phone call from a former teacher and friend, who informed me that Vermont Country Store had Jubilee in their catalog--You can't imagine my thrill. I remember my mother, and me, using Jubilee many years ago and we loved it, always used it on everything. For many hears I looked for the product at many stores but never found it. I contacted Johnson and Johnson inquiring about the product but never heard from them. I had given up guessing it was no longer made. After hanging up from my friend, who receives and orders from your catalog, I immediately got on your web site and lo and behold there it is. Very soon now I will be ordering it on line or wait for your catalog. Thank you May 13, 2014
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