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Bag Balm (10 oz. Tin)

Use Bag Balm to Treat Dry Hands

Bag Balm (10 oz. Tin)

Use Bag Balm to Treat Dry Hands

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Discover what farmers here learned from years of cow care: Bag Balm works magic on rough, chapped, or dry hands. Made in Vermont, Bag Balm is very mooving in its antiseptic healing powers—use on cuts, too.

  • Bag Balm has been used by generations of Vermonters
  • Farmers used Bag Balm to soothe cows' udders and discovered it softened their cracked, dry hands
  • Bag Balm heals cuts, too

At The Vermont Country Store you'll find tried-and-true remedies trusted for generations or even a century or more, like Bag Balm, made right here in Vermont. Antiseptic Bag Balm is udderly healing for cracked, dry hands.

Bag Balm (10 oz. Tin)

Safety Warnings

Keep out of reach of children. In case of deep or puncture wounds or if rash or irritation develops consult physician.


8-Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate .3%, Petrolatum, Lanolin.


Shelf Life: Indefinite


Manufactured In: USA - Vermont

Material - Country Of Origin: Imported/USA

This product is currently not available.
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The Old Green Tin of Bag Balm This might amuse you... Back in 1996, my wife had triplets, resulting in three times the usual amount of diaper rash. To the great relief of the babies, someone told her about Bag Balm. A couple of years go by, the kids outgrow diapers, and my wife was left with an almost-full tin of Bag Balm which, for the next fifteen years she used for her own dry skin. That 15-year-old tin is just about empty now so, for our 26th anniversary, I got her a new tin, thereby hereafter establishing 26th anniversaeies as the Bag Balm Anniversary. May 16, 2014
Love this stuff! First discovered Bag Balm when my daughter was in college in Vermont. I was working as an ER nurse and must have washed my hands 3-4 dozen times in a 12 hour shift; Bag Balm kept my hands from cracking and falling off. Now I am retired, live in Nevada (in a desert!) where the humidity runs < 20% a great deal of the time and still have hands and feet thanks to Bag Balm! March 26, 2014
Great product! I got bag balm for my friend as she used to use it years ago. She was delighted with the gift and very happy to find a source for Bag Balm. January 1, 2014
Recommended by MD My husband has diabetes and very calloused feet. the MD recommended and in a few weeks we have seen amazing results. December 24, 2013
Really works. This balm is the best product to soften feet and legs in the winter and summer. I used it to prevent my feet from cracking. I love this product. I will order the bigger tin next time. Thank you. December 21, 2013
excellent as a diaper rash ointment I have been using this on my niece as a diaper rash ointment ever since she was born. It helps heal diaper rash and doesn't sting or burn raw spots. Plus, a tin of this goes a long way. You only need a little bit for Bag Balm to do its magic. I too love Bag Balm to soften calluses on my hands from using a manual wheelchair for years. Its the best stuff for making skin soft. November 14, 2013
Best dry skin cure Back in the 1930 and 1940 time frame I lived on a dairy farm in Connecticut. The item that was most treasured was a huge can of Bag Balm. We used this on cows that got cut by fencing or briar bushes or any other injury.Worked like a charm. Been using bag balm on my body for almost any cut or scrape and also for dry cracking hands. Just bough a new 10 oz can today .Thanks for a great product. JP December 26, 2012
This Stuff Works! Growing up when ever I had an ailment of any type my grandmother would always get out the Bag Balm. Of course being a kid I thought it was gross. I mean, it was meant for a cow's utter! Years ago, as a grown up I found myself searching in every store I went to to find a tin of it. The smell is not great, but it definitely works on dry skin or any irritations you might have. November 27, 2012
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Bag Balm (10 oz. Tin) …

"While our NW winters are mild compared to yours, it does get cold. As an antiques dealer, I must handle boxes and furniture daily in my unheated warehouse and while loading and unloading my van and trailer. My fingers and thumbs have very painful deep fissures all winter long. I've tried many of the major skin creams, including petroleum jelly, to no avail. Your Bag Balm arrived several weeks ago and I put it to work immediately. Now my many deep splits are all closed up and are dissappearing. My ever present pain is gone and I can again handle things without wincing. My grateful thanks to you and Bag Balm!" - Gene Schobinger, Port Angeles, WA

"Your Bag Balm is wonderful and I tell everyone about it. I hope it will always be available to the public. Believe me, I don't know what I would have done without your product." - Marilyn Stellato, S. Orange, NJ

"Dear Mr. Orton, I use your Bag Balm every day. It cures everything from childbirth to chilblains!" - Harry Hultine, La Canada, CA

"Having used Bag Balm for years to heal my split winter fingers, we've started using it to soothe our hound's paws after walking on the salt the city spreads on the streets and homeowners scatter on the sidewalk. It is effective (of course); he cooperates when we apply it ... and he doesn't lick it away ... as if he knows it will help heal him and as it doesn't smell like peanut butter isn't something to eat ." - Barbara Fisher, Staten Island, NY

"My mother has been buying this for many years - anytime we kids had a scratch, an itch, a rash, chapped skin or lips, my mother would immediately say, "Didja put BAG BALM on it yet?!" Today I use it myself, a tin always in my bathroom cupboard. I have actually seen it cure a diaper rash on my infant son in 24 hours!!" - Kristin, Springfield, VT

"I've been using Bag Balm for a number of years. Does a great job on my dry feet. Winter and summer. They look great with my sandals on." - Kathy Hardacre, Rochester Hills, MI

"When my daughter was a baby, she had diaper rash really bad and everything we tried did not help. An aunt of my husband told us to use this type of Bag Balm on it. After her bath that night, we applied it and again after cleaning her skin well the next morning. By lunchtime it had disappeared! It was the only thing we used on her after that. My father being a farmer and using Bag Balm on the cows could not believe it until he saw the results. He later recommended it to a friend for her grandson. Bless his heart, he had it from mid-body to mid-thigh and nothing they tried helped. They tried Bag Balm that night and again the next morning, and by lunch it had all but disappeared. After that it was the only thing they used." - Cathey Sechler, Mooresville, NC

"I've been using Bag Balm since I lived in Connecticut several years ago for chapped hands, elbows, and feet. It is the best and hard to find in this state. I am on my last can and need more. One can lasts me a year and if I stretch it, two years. I also use it in the summer months just to keep my hands soft. This is the best stuff!" - Susan Eldredge, West Chester, PA

"I've been using Bag Balm for a number of years. Does a great job on my dry feet. Winter and summer. They look great with my sandals on." - Kathy Hardacre, Rochester Hills, MI

"I use it on my hands and haven't needed to trim my cuticles for four months so far. My nails are much stronger also. Also, I take that last 1/3 of a tube of lipstick that normally would be wasted, mix it with bag balm, and now I have a great lip gloss." - Bonnie, Harlingen, TX

"I LOVE Bag Balm. My grandma always put it on our cuts and scrapes when I was little girl. It was the only medicine I wouldn't fight and resist because it never stung! Boo boos healed so fast. I have used it for my children's (all 5) diaper rashes, cuts, scrapes, skin repair of all varieties-even acne. I would have my teenagers wash their faces before bed and apply a very thin coat and their acne would dramatically improve. It's the finest skin treatment. Living in Rhode Island for 15 years made for some splitting dry skin. Bag Balm returns it to healthy and soft. Too, I've used it on all of my pets. I've made believers out of many friends. It's my miracle product, and I never want to be without it. Bag Balm should be in every home. Just amazing!" - Maurisa , Wellington, FL