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Super Black Cherry Juice

Proven Help for Arthritis and Gout

Super Black Cherry Juice

Proven Help for Arthritis and Gout

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The results are in: Studies show that cherries lower the levels of uric acid in the blood, the most common cause of gout pain. They're rich in anthocyanins, an antioxidant which helps relieve inflammation to maintain healthy joints, heart, and circulation, and when fortified with acai, noni, and pomegranate their effectiveness is increased. Add our delicious black cherry concentrate to smoothies, seltzer, soda, or water and reap the benefits. Preservative-, fat-, and cholesterol-free. No sugar added. 16 oz.

  • Helps reduce uric acid, a common cause of gout
  • Anthocyanins ease inflammation
  • Preservative-free, cholesterol-free, and fat-free
  • Mix with just about any beverage and enjoy

Add our Super Black Cherry Juice to your diet and enjoy all the health benefits of cherries.

Super Black Cherry Juice


Black cherry, acai, noni, and pomegranate juice concentrate.


The sediment that you are seeing in the bottles is in fact natural sediment. It is caused by the Acai and Pomegranate in the super concentrate formula. The Pomegranate sediment looks like little bits, which is actually fortified with Vitamin C and is very beneficial for you. The oily type sediment is caused by the Acai, which is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Please be advised that the taste, color and consistency of this product will vary from batch to batch and crop to crop because it is a natural product.


Shelf Life: 2 Years from date of manufacture

Nutritional ItemQuantity% of Daily
Serving size: 2 Tbs (30ml)
Servings per container: about 16
Calories: 73
Calories from fat: 0
Total fat0g
Total Carbohydrate18g6%
Vitamin C20%
Not a significant source of Saturated fat, Dietary fiber
or Vitamin A.
Percentages based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Manufactured In: USA

Material - Country Of Origin: USA

Super Black Cherry Juice 4.5 5 19 19
LOVE this stuff!! This little remedy has replaced the shots in my foot for arthritis!! And that's not all!! ° great ingredient in salad dressing ° my granddaughter loves a little drop in her lemonade ° adds color and flavor to frosting ° adds a great sweet to your pork chops or can be used to de-glaze ° iced tea …you name it. I LOVE it!! May 15, 2013
Tastes great in coffee It is very good in coffee with cream and a little dark chocolate! April 10, 2014
Cherry juice as medicine! I recently was diagnosed with "gout-like arthritis" due to a high uric acid level. In reading about this, I learned that cherry juice has been shown to actually LOWER uric acid levels! Unfortunately, I couldn't locate any real cherry juice, until I though of the Vermont Country Store. I ordered it, and found that it is tasty and, since it's concentrated, reasonably priced since you only need 2Tbs per 4 oz of water! Anytime I need something that is a little off the beaten path, I can usually find it at the Vermont Country Store. April 3, 2014
This product serves my purpose. I believe this product helps relieve the tingling and numbness in the tips of my fingers; therefore, I have reordered it again to really be sure. March 24, 2014
The Pain is Gone-Thanks to Black Cherry Juice After taking only half a bottle of your Black Cherry Juice I am shoveling snow(such a winter here in Wisconsin) and skiing without pain in my wrists and knees. YAY! January 29, 2014
It's Magic! Whenever my joints feel achy I have a small glass of cherry juice. The effects are almost immediate. And the best part is I don't need to have it every day. I highly recommend this product in combination with eating a healthy and balanced diet of REAL food. January 20, 2014
Not so Sure I have been using this for about a week now and do not feel any different. I have had a cold and the signs are still with me. I am waiting for a big boost of energy. Not sure about this. January 20, 2014
Remarkable item for arthritis I have been suffering with arthritis for about 8 years. It has gotten much worse in the last year or two. I have the burning pain in most of my joints. Normally, on average, I experience some to great pain “somewhere” on a daily basis. I have avoided prescription drugs because I have been advised that they can be dangerous and I don’t like the idea of constant meds if I can possibly avoid it. I have relied on over the counter pain killers that control the worst of the pain for a day or two but the pain always comes back strong enough after about 3 days that I need to take something for it. On the average, I have been taking about 6 pain killers per week for this. They lessen the pain but it always comes back. Daily, never ending pain has been my “norm” for a good while now. Not long ago I spotted the Black Cherry Concentrate juice advertised in the Vermont Country Store catalog. I read what it said about the concentrate and my feeling was “yeah, right… like this is going to help”. However, out of curiosity and the desire to reduce “meds” I decided, what the heck, try it. The claim was that it could be effective in reducing arthritis pain. Since Cherry juice is natural there are no meds attached to it. I ordered a bottle of the concentrate juice and as directed take one shot glass of the concentrate in a glass of water (5 shot glasses of water for each of the concentrate) every day. It tastes pleasant, like a mild fruit drink. After close to 2 weeks of trying it, immediately, I noticed that my joint pain literally went away. On a daily basis I have lost at least 99% of the daily pain I have experienced prior to taking this concentrate. To say I am amazed is to put it mildly. I am absolutely delighted that so far, every single day I have had close to zero pain. I can hardly believe that this has been possible. I have not taken a pain killer since I got the concentrate and THAT unto itself is amazing for me. (I have not experienced any pain requiring it) So, I am absolutely delighted to have found something natural that seems to work so amazingly well. Reading in the internet, I found that Black Cherry Concentrate juice is considered to be an effective treatment for Arthritis. It is natural juice and contains nothing medicinal. It supposedly removes the acid from the blood that causes arthritis inflammation. All I know is that something in it seems to really work. I have not been so pain free for such a length of time as I am since starting to take the concentrate. I have experienced zero side effects since it is basically a fruit juice. Please keep in mind, my “guess” is that this probably works best for people with average arthritis. I have no idea what the effect may be for people with very serious crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis. The concentrate is NOT a cure all. I had one section of my lower back that has had the most pain for me over time. I still feel slight twinges of pain in that section BUT even there the level of pain is so low as to be of almost no consequence. Keep in mind this is NOT a pain killer. The concentrate neutralizes the acid in the blood and that apparently is the thing that helps you get better. So, while I am sure many people may dismiss items like this Black Cherry Concentrate as a phony “snake oil”, and while I am sure that perhaps it will not help everybody for various physical reasons, I would definitely recommend trying a bottle to see for yourself. You have nothing to lose except perhaps the majority of the daily pain of Arthritis. I am 61 years old to use my circumstance as a guide to your own conditions and age. I highly recommend trying this and I hope it works for you. December 12, 2013
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