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Soft Hair Spools

Our Hair Spools Are Soft, Pinless, and Pliable—Easy to Use and Easy to Sleep In

Soft Hair Spools

Our Hair Spools Are Soft, Pinless, and Pliable—Easy to Use and Easy to Sleep In

WAS:  $7.95- $8.95
NOW: $5.99 - $8.95
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This product is currently not available.
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A tiny piece of my childhood! Many years ago my mother,grandmother aunt,and a few other family members used these hair a child they remained me of Flying Saucers ha,ha, was nice to see they were still available for purchase from your store,what a treat! I used them as soon as they arrived,I got so many compliments on my hair style..thanks so much! I love this site,so many items that bring back a bit of nostalgia .. March 12, 2013
New uses for the spoolies!!! When I was young I wish I knew about this product! I would use the old fashion large bobby pin to make my pin curls! However I am a bead weaver a have a very practical use for the hair spools. They are very convenient to use as bobbins as well as being soft and pliable. Perfect for holding thread for later use. The larger one would be perfect for knitters and crocheters! December 4, 2012
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Soft Hair Spools …

"My hair is straight, lank, thin, and fine. Curling it is not easy. I remembered my mom doing her hair in pincurls when I was young, but could never get the hair to stay in the pins: it slid right out unless I used so many pins I couldn't hold my head up. Sleeping was like having a porcupine for a pillow. I gave up. Then, not long before Christmas, I received a Vermont Country Store catalog. I leafed through it, and saw something I remembered from my youth: hair spools! I bought the smaller ones thinking I really needed to get the hair tightly curled for it to stay that way. When they arrived, I sat on my bed with a comb and a glass of water and patiently sectioned and curled my hair. Now, I had read on-line that some people said they weren't worth buying, they slid right out, etc. Some did slide out; then I realized I had to make sure the top was folded all the way down over the bottom. That kept even the shortest, finest locks in the curler. Just to be sure, I wrapped a bandana around my head as I had seen Mom do with her pincurls. The next morning I woke up, all the curlers in place, just waiting for me to take them off. (A word of warning: you can pull out hair if you don't open them before removing them! They don't slide off all THAT easily!) And did I have curls! Everyone at work thought I had gotten a curly perm. Whenever I moved my head, I could feel the curls bobbing and bouncing. I was thrilled! That night, I went to bed as usual, no bonnet to keep my hair from getting messy, figuring I'd just shower and do the curling iron thing in the morning. Well, after a bit of finger combing, the curls were even better the next day, having loosened up some over night, so I took a bath instead of a shower and got two days out of my 'do. I'm going to buy the larger set now that I know I can use them and they work so well. That way I can intersperse the large and small and get different size curls. Many thanks to Virginia Wolbach for requesting them. This former denizen of Denville, NJ is pleased as can be!" - Deborah, Hollywood,

"When I was a little girl they marketed these as FLYING SAUCERS! They were my favorite, especially since I had very long hair...I'm getting these for my grandaughter...she's gonna love them...but I'm still going to call them FLYING SAUCERS...and YES...I'm from New Jersey also!" - Christine, Kenosha, WI

"I remember the days when we got new Easter dresses, Spring coats, bonnets, and the night before our hair curled (always) used to be with rags, then Mom got these and I loved them..." - Debby Cincotti, Kissimmee, FL

"OH MY GOD.... My mother used to use them. Every night she'd sit there watching T.V. and wouldn't need a mirror and wrap and wrap away. I love seeing them. Thank you." - TRUDY DYETTE, SYRACUSE, NY

"As a beader I now and again need something to wrap excess thread around if I put down a project or use two threads. Spoolies are perfect to protect the unused thread." - Kay Watson, Las Vegas, NV

"Works on dry hair! It gives you tight curls! It straightens hair! Bought the pink!" - Tiffany, cottage city, MD

"I had these when I was a kid. Haven't seen them in years. As I remember, they were not painful to sleep on since the backs are flat. It gives you a pin-curl look. Thanks for bringing these oldies back!" - Linda Odle, Jeffersonville, IN

"I have shoulder-length hair. It has recently gone from kinda curly to frizzy. I have tried the curling iron, the straightening thing, all kinds of hair products. Out of desperation I decided to pin curl the top layer. So instead of washing my already clean hair, before going to bed I used a few old Spoolies I had from years ago. I wet each section of hair with the comb as I was ready to spool it up. No gel, just water. Went to bed and slept well. The next morning I took out my pin curls, ran a pick through my curls, and my gosh did I get the compliments on my fluffy curls! No frizz! No hair gel!" - Hillary, Boise, ID