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LemonUp Shampoo or Conditioner

LemonUp® Shampoo or Conditioner Still Leave Your Hair Lemony Fresh and Clean

LemonUp Shampoo or Conditioner

LemonUp® Shampoo or Conditioner Still Leave Your Hair Lemony Fresh and Clean

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Though the '70s may be gone forever, the memories and great hair live on with Lemon Up Shampoo and Conditioner, still made with the juice of one whole lemon. Formulated for today's hair, Lemon Up shampoo puts the squeeze on oily hair like no other, leaving your tresses squeaky clean, lemony fresh, and full of shine. Select either shampoo or conditioner below. 13.5 oz. bottles.

  • Lemon Up is still made with the juice of one lemon
  • Controls oily hair
  • 13.5 oz. bottles
  • Choose shampoo or conditioner

Find long-lost, but not forgotten, brands from the past, like Lemon Up Shampoo, at The Vermont Country Store. Lemon Up Shampoo and Conditioner, with their tell-tale lemon caps, leave your tresses squeaky clean, lemony fresh, and full of shine.

LemonUp Shampoo or Conditioner

Safety Warnings

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only, keep away from children.


Water (aqua), sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine,
disodium cocoamphodiacetate, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance
(parfum), Polysorbate 20, Citric Acid, Polyquaternium-10, Thymus
Vulgaris (thyme) Flower/Leaf Extract, Urtica Dioica (nettle) Extract,
Russelia Equisetiformis Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Echinacea
Purpurea Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (matricaria) Flower Extract,
Citrus Medica Limonum (lemon) Fruit Extract, Methylchloroisothiazolinone,

Water, cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, cetyl esters,
dimethicone, fragrance (parfum), polyquaternium-37, propylene
glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate, PPG-1 triedeceth-6, polyquaternium-55,
polyquaternium-10, thymus vulgaris (thyme) flower/leaf extract, urtica dioica
(nettle) extract, russelia equisetiformis flower/leaf/stem extract,
echinacea purpurea extract, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract,
citrus medica limonum (lemon) fruit extract, citric acid, sodium
hydroxide, methylchloroisothiazolinone,methylisothiazolinone


Shelf Life: 24 months


Manufactured In: USA

Material - Country Of Origin: China, USA


LemonUp Shampoo or Conditioner 4.5 5 23 23
From my teenage years to my Grandchildren! I was lucky enough to visit Vermont Country Store in 2012 and found Lemon Up Shampoo from the 70's. Bought some on that trip & ended up sharing when returning home with visiting Grandchildren. They fell love with "the shampoo Nena used as a teenager." Now, they have all (4) ask for the shampoo & conditioner for Christmas. They want their own bottles so they will not have to share with siblings! This shampoo & conditioner is just how I remember it in the 70's! Love it! October 2, 2013
I used this as a teenager and now found it again at 65!! I used this produck as a teen and young adult then never say it again until a couple years ago in the Vermont Store. I am so excited I found it again. It is an awesome product!!! Great for Blonds!! April 1, 2014
Flashback to the 70's I was excited to see this was still avail. It brings back those great 70's when this was new and different. Its not the same as it was then, I ordered both the shampoo and conditioner. They are both thick like conditioner, and the shampoo does not lather, at all? I know the water here is hard, but no lather-? It doesn't seem right, and doesn't feel clean. I am disappointed, but it was worth a try. March 7, 2014
It's 1976 in my shower.... I was so excited to find this online. I can remember using it in the 70's and loving the smell. The commercials would say "The juice of one whole lemon in each bottle"! I had long blonde hair growing up, and I still do. It lathers great, smells wonderful, and the conditioner works terrific for my long hair. It's just a huge happy childhood memory when I use it. So happy that I found it ~ please don't ever discontinue this product. Thanks! February 8, 2014
Retro Shampoo I bought this shampoo as a stocking stuffer for my almost 60 year old sister, thinking she would have fond memories of how we had this as children. Alas, I was the only family member who recalled using this product in the 1960s! Anyway, it was fun to be able to purchase something used as a child - even though it definitely smells like Pledge furniture polish! January 12, 2014
Love the scent! I love the scent and the way this shampoo/conditioner makes my hair feel so soft and clean. December 29, 2013
Soft, Clean Hair! What's Not To Love? Lemon Up Shampoo is a bright yellow bottle rocket from back in the day and it gets the job done. This shampoo is a great clarifying (deep cleaning) shampoo and works well at getting hair really clean. However, it also leaves the hair soft and manageable whereas some products leave the hair dry and straw-like. Try it and your hair will love you. November 1, 2013
A Trip Back to the 70's I visited the Vermont Country Store where I first saw this blast from the past product. My mom always bought this shampoo for us as young girls as is was great for oily hair and helped with acne. Also, we loved the lemony fragrance. One of my favorite memories was using this shampoo when we were at the beach! Now I buy this from the Country Store for myself again, and my kids love it! October 9, 2013
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our LemonUp Shampoo or Conditioner …

"The fresh lemon smell, the cool bottle with the lemon on top, it's a total sensory experience." - Earlene Erra, SW Ranches, FL

"What I remember most about LemonUp is the lemon scent and how it leaves your hair squeeky clean and bright and shiny. Finding it transported me back to rock concerts, the beach, LP records, and my first true love." - Richard Wrede, Chicago, IL

"I'm so pleased to find LemonUp Shampoo! It was my favorite shampoo during my teen years. It smells just as fresh and lemony as back then AND gives my hair super shine. The lemon is gentle but cuts residue from hair products. LemonUp gives you subtle highlights and is good for hair and scalp. Thanks for the trip down memory lane and for bringing back an excellent product." - Kris Meehan, Carmel, NY

"For years I wished I could find this product, because it was my absolute favorite as a child/teen. Yay! It is back! Nothing smells more divine than this shampoo and conditioner. I remember the conditioner makes your hair feel so silky and shiny. I simply cannot wait to get this in the mail! Thank you, VCS, for carrying these great products. I will be a lifelong customer!" - Joyce, Plano, TX

"When I saw the story on The Today Show, I almost fell out of my chair with excitement. I called my mother with tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe after all of these years of searching for my favorite shampoo and conditioner from the '70s that your store now carries it. I have put in an order and am looking forward to once again having that wonderful-smelling hair. The memories of those days came flooding back, and I can tell you that my husband of over 30 years was one of those who told me how terrific my hair smelled when I used this product in high school in the '70s. Thank you for making my day!" - Brenda Wright, Cedartown, GA

"I was a teen in the '70s and used this shampoo all the time. It actually could smell up a small room. I got lots of compliments. There is nothing out there that you can compare it to. This is a very special shampoo. I can't wait to order it. Thanks, Vermont Country Store!" - Maureen, Gilson, IL

"Please don't ever stop selling this product, because it keeps me young! The '70s were awesome, and I pity those who didn't get to experience it and great products like these that are such great memory triggers! Now, if you could figure out a way to get my high school boyfriend back, I'd be eternally grateful!" - Cynthia Beye, Marshalltown, IA

"There is no shampoo in the world better for those of us with oily hair than LemonUp. I have to wash my hair every day, but when I use LemonUp, every two or three days is enough." - Peggy, Delray Beach, FL

"LemonUp Shampoo is a wonderful memory from my teen years. I vividly remember the fresh lemon smell and the squeaky-clean feel and the shine my hair had. For several years I have looked for memories online about this product, and lo and behold your website popped up with this blast from the past! I can't thank you enough for letting me relive this fond memory!" - Sharon Daniel, Knoxville, TN

"My friends and I are turning 50 this year, so I bought this for my one blonde friend who used it all the time. She cried when she saw it and said she had gotten it every year in her stocking. She couldn't wait to take it to work to let everyone smell it. Those were the best of times!" - Jeri Skinner, Mayport, PA

"I am so excited that VCS has brought Lemon Up Shampoo & Conditioner back! I was a teen in the 70's too and there is no better shampoo to use to get your hair literally squeaky clean. I am almost 50 now and still have oily hair and can't wait till my order arrives! Thanks, VCS, y'all are the best." - Sara Monson, Old Hickory, TN

"Talk about a blast from the past! I was dumbfounded to see that you have LemonUp shampoo -- I remember taking it to camp 36 years ago! It's like opening a box and finding a treasure from your childhood." - Liz, Washington, DC

"I was wondering if they made Lemon Up anymore and decided to Google it. And lo and behold, I can't believe it! It's still being made. I always used this shampoo for my waist-long hair back in the 70's because I had oily hair, and wow did it make it so shiny." - Sylvia Arnold, Houston, TX

"My sister bought this for me as a gift, and as soon as I tried it, my high school and college years were back. My hair felt truly clean, shiny and smelled great. Ordering another bottle today as a reserve. Thanks for making it available!!!!" - Cheryhl, Levittown, NY