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Tailspin Eau de Cologne

Dazzle Your Senses with Tailspin Eau de Cologne

Tailspin Eau de Cologne

Dazzle Your Senses with Tailspin Eau de Cologne

WAS:  $25.00
NOW: $19.99
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Retro Glamour I have to admit that I ordered this fragrance on a whim -- the legend of Lucien LeLong, the vintage ads I'd seen, the retro shape of the bottle, and the name "Tailspin" got to me. I'm very happy with this impulse purchase. The fragrance is a light floral with notes of spice, wearable everywhere. The bottle is a real statement piece on the vanity -- large and unique in a line-up of MANY perfumes (I admit to being a perfume junkie.) My only real request is that the label could be printed more clearly -- the lettering disappears against a burgundy background that is deeper than I see online. I'm also a little more of an eau de parfum lady, rather than eau de toilette, but fine enough. February 16, 2014
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Tailspin Eau de Cologne …

"My first bottle of Tailspin was given to me as a part of my wedding trousseau and quickly became my husband's favorite scent. Through the years I have tried to locate this special scent and was thrilled to find it in your catalog. It brings back many happy memories and has become my "signature" cologne. Thank you so very much for making this part of my life again!" - Sandy, Williamsburg, VA

"Dear Mr. Orton, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful research team. It has been so long since I have smelled this wonderful cologne, Tailspin. This means so much to my sister and of course myself." - Stuart Smucker, Green Bay, WI

"Dear Mr. Orton, My order of Tailspin Cologne just arrived and I can't thank you enough for bringing back such a luscious scent. My mother wore Tailspin while I was growing up, and I can remember standing in the bathroom, inhaling deeply from the bottle. Simply intoxicating! Back in the '90s, I began researching where I could find Tailspin, and to my dismay and utter disappointment I could not find it anywhere. You can imagine my joy upon discovering it in your catalogue. I placed my order immediately and today it arrived. I smell delicious, and today feels like Chris6mas! Please keep Tailspin available and, if you ever decide to discontinue it, let me know so I can order every bottle you have! From the bottom of my heart, thank you." - Sarah Hull, Columbus, OH

"As a teenager I loved and wore Tailspin - and am thrilled it is here again. Wore it to work and a young man working there said "I smell the 4th grade" - remembering his teacher wearing this! Thought that was really incredible." - Lynell, Russellville, AR

"Tailspin took me on a sentimental journey tonight, which I will now share with you. Memories come rushing at me as I peruse your catalog of fragrance. I just got to this page and saw a familiar bottle of Tigress, and nearly choked when the next preview was of Tailspin. My Mother wore Tailspin for years. I had actually forgotten its name until I searched through your selections and recalled it just immediately before I saw the bottle. I will have to order a bottle in memory of my mother who just adored Tailspin. Thank you for these lovely memories evoked by your catalog. I could write about each fragrance. I got tickled as I read about Evening in Paris and thought my memory was playing tricks on me until I read a note from another lady who recalled buying Evening in Paris at the five-and-dime store. I always bought it there for my grandmother for Mother's Day and Christmas. What a lovely evening this has been. There is still one scent from the past I haven't been able to find, so would you please consider bringing back Nostalgia by Germaine Monteil. I bought 2 bottles from eBay, but of course they had a rancid smell. But I did get the lovely and distinctive glass bottle." - Kay Giacomo, Sapulpa, OK

"Memories came rushing in and wrapped themselves around me like cobwebs as I perused your Apothecary section of Fragrances For HER tonight. On each page I saw perfume bottles that I had thought of as friends. I didn't think you could keep outdoing yourself and then I turned to the next page for a double whammy of memories. Immediately I spied a familiar bottle of Tigress, which I wore as a teen; and the next offering was Tailspin. Momma, I know you are looking down from Heaven enjoying this as much as I am and I'll be placing an order for a beautiful bottle of Tailspin to place on your antique French vanity. I couldn't keep still as I kept seeing my old friends of the past rushing by me. There was Evening in Paris in the familiar blue bottle. When I was a kid it was sold at Kress's five-and-dime store in a blue heart-shaped bottle. Then there was Intimate, one of seven great fragrances of the world. And there was Jungle Gardenia, the favorite of Elizabeth Taylor until she began making her own scents. Delighted to see two former friends in the catalog and once only sold by the sound of Ding Dong, Avon's calling, with Here's My Heart and To a Wild Rose. Let me put in my request for the Vermont Country Store to bring back more oldies but goodies, to wit: Nostalgia by the House of Germaine Monteil." - Kay Giacomo, Sapulpa, OK

"Tailspin, by Lucien Lelong, is one of the hardest to find, most coveted, (most sensual), and most elusive fragrances I have ever come across. (The other one I am dying to find again is Indiscreet -- also by Lucien Belong.) I have fond memories of my first boyfriend, Bobby, when I was 15 -- his father, Ben Lane, worked for Westmore Studios, and Bobby brought me coffrets of lipstick samples, as well as the famous, nostalgic (elusive, mysterious, exotic, and divinely sensual) Tailspin and Indiscreet. Thank you, Mr. Orton, from the bottom of my heart, for bringing back this divine and nostalgic fragrance at such a reasonable price! (To show you how memorable Tailspin is, I can almost remember what it smells like after more than 45 years!) Now, Mr. Orton, if you would (please, please) bring back Indiscreet, I would be a most happy camper! Thank you, once again." - Claudia, SUN CITY, CA

"My first intoxicating whiff of Tailspin cologne came when I visited the carnival with my hubby in June of '63. I've been utterly addicted to its heady aroma ever since! I've kept a bottle for years and have only used it on our anniversary. Thank you, Vermont Country Store, for making all my perfume dreams come true!" - Gerri Sizzler, Appleton, WI

"I just ordered Tailspin. When I was in college, my mother bought me a carousel of Lucien LeLong perfumes. One was Balalaika, another was Sirocco -- there were six in all. Any chance you might research some of the others? They were all classics. Thanks for reviving Tailspin, it was one of my favorites." - M.E. White, Winchester, MA

"I recall going to the drugstore when i was a teenager and buying Tailspin cologne. I am French and this fragrance was also French...oooo la la! It was worn and appreciated by most of my girlfriends, not to mention what the guys had to say. It's a fragrance you never forge, and it's senuous and very distinct to the wearer. I wore it all through my younger years, always accepting compliments along the way: "What are you wearing??" After years went by I remember buying my last 4 bottles at G FOX store in Hartford, CT, as I couldn't find it anymore elsewhere. After that purchase it was gone forever until I stumbled upon it online one late night at THE VERMONT COUNTRY STORE catalog. I ordered it right away. From the second I opened the bottle nothing had changed. It sent me back to a simpler time and place with wonderful memories. Funny how a fragrance can evoke these feelings. I will order again and now that I know it's available, it makes me so happy. Tailspin used to be my signature fragrance—now it can be again. Try this cologne—you will make it your signature fragrance, too!!! Thanks for bringing it back." - Kathy Zbell, Torrington, , CT

"I was just re-reading my review of the (luscious, elusive, mysterious, sensual, and divinely decadent) Tailspin cologne, by Lucien Lelong, that I had written to you when I was still living in Sun City, California. Now I am back home in Van Nuys, California, and everything I said about Tailspin remains true. But I had to correct myself (just for the benefit of your readers): I misspelled Lucien Lelong's last name! I also misspelled Indiscret (it is so Francais! -- only one "e" s'il vous plait!). But my comments about (the divine) Tailspin remain the same. It is just as luscious as ever, and I am so happy with my order. Please, don't ever discontinue it, and also -- please -- if you could ever find Indiscret by Lucien Lelong, I would be such a happy camper! I would order every bottle you had -- of both fragrances! Thank you for your wonderful service, and your never-tiring search for the most elusive fragrances in the world." - CLAUDIA, VAN NUYS, CA