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Wall-Mount Can Opener

Swing-A-Way—The Classic American Can Opener Every Kitchen Needs

Wall-Mount Can Opener

Swing-A-Way—The Classic American Can Opener Every Kitchen Needs

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More dependable than electrics and engineered to work flawlessly for a lifetime, this crank-driven wall-mounted opener with a magnetic lid holder hugs the wall when not in use. Every kitchen needs one. About 7" long.

  • Turns easily and smoothly
  • Features a magnetic lid holder

This crank-driven wall-mounted opener by Swing-A-Way outperforms fancy openers costing much more.

Wall-Mount Can Opener

Safety Warnings

Warning: Opener should be kept clean of food residue which may harbor bacteria.


All Steel Base, Plastic, and Chrome


Hand wash, do not put in dish washer.

Sizing & Specifications

Assembly Required: N

Cord Polarized: N


Manufactured In: China

Material - Country Of Origin: China

Wall-Mount Can Opener 4.5 5 8 8
My favorite can opener I use to have one like this at my old house and when we moved it was left behind. I didn't realize how hard it was to find a good can opener, no matter if it were wall hand or electric. nothing seemed to work. I am so glad I found this one and it works great. December 29, 2014
extremely helpful This can opener seems to be well made. Now that I have 'matured' my hands don't work well enough to use the can openers that are hand held. This one does an excellent job of opening the cans and hanging onto the lids. I am so glad to have found this. November 27, 2013
A must have for any kitchen! This has got to be by far not only the most handy can opener ever, but brings back alot of memories of my grandparents farm. This little contraption has one major thing going for it and that is ease of use. When the kids were little, they would alway want to help prepare meals with me (our youngest is now 12). The problem with a traditional can opener is that you have to turn the handle on it and hold the can opener shut in order to get the can open. This one is much more efficient and easy to use. Once the can is secured, you simply crank the handle and the can opens. No extra work required such as holding the handle to make sure the can opens! Not only that, it brought back memories of when I used it on my grandparents farm helping grandma in the kitchen back in the 70's. A great product then and now! February 10, 2013
Best can opener on the market My mom had one of these and 20 Christmas' ago, I asked for one. My daughter found one at an old "country" store close to home. It was their last one. Mine had gotten worn out so this Christmas, I bought one for myself and one for each of my three daughters. We all love them. Don't quit making them. January 3, 2013
Love my Swing-A-Way Whenever I use my Swing-A-Way can opener, it brings back memories of my Mother's kitchen when I was young. This is the kind she always had before electric openers were invented. I never have to worry about a power outage and it takes little effort to use. I can hang it on the wall and it doesn't take up space on my countertop. My grandkids find it fascinating that I still have such an old-fashioned method of opening a can. December 22, 2012
Best Can Opener Ever!! We had one of these can openers when I was growing up and I loved it. When mom moved she must have left it hanging on the door frame. I have searched and searched for one like it and none stood up to the abuse of doing its job! I saw this opener on your website a long time ago but never bought one. After buying 3 junk ones I decided I was tired of it not working and my hands hurting from cranking a junk one(I have fibromyalgia). I ordered this one and I was sooooo excited when it came. First thing I did was got it out of the box and up on the back door frame, just like when I was a kid. Although I had a hard time screwing in the screws and my husband finishing it up, I made sure I opened a can that night for supper!! I know it will last a life time, I am sure the one we had when I was young is still going!! Happy to have it!! November 17, 2012
The Can Opener As long as I can remember (and that's a long time) my mother had a Wall-mounted can opener attached to the cabinet. It also had an opener for bottled drinks on the bottom. I used to have one like it but it disappeared one time when we moved. I always had to help in the kitchen by opening the cans or bottles of soda for our refreshments. My husband & I moved into mothers' house 25 years ago and totally remodeled the kitchen. The can opener and an antique metal 6-pack soda bottle holder went missing after the re-modelers finished. I have looked for years and have not seen another can opener like this one. When I saw yours, I told my husband "when Social Security comes this month I'm gonna get it". So I got it. Down through the years I have probably bought 40 different kinds, most of which either came apart or wouldn't work and ended up in the trash. I am so proud of my new can opener. I can find it, because it is attached to the cabinet, don't have to search for it. I love it, works great and everyone wants to know where I got it. Of course I tell them from The Vermont Country Store. I think my husband is proud of it also because he doesn't have to help me search for it. October 29, 2012
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Wall-Mount Can Opener …

"Your hand can opener is even better than my electric one!" - Madge Burke, Greenfield, MA

"We purchased one of these about 10 years ago and have finally worn it out. We've used it thousands of times. Great value." - Karen Smith, Filer, ID

"I've tried several can openers over the years, but this wall mount is the best yet. It opens cans easier than an electric, and I don't have to fight to get it started like an electric one. It is also easier for me to use because I have arthritis in my hands and not as much strength in them as before." - Pamela Moore, Guntersville, AL

"I have used every kind of can opener there is, and not a one holds up to this version. I need to buy one now. I will never try another kind again. I was without a can opener over Thanksgiving. Cannot find one of these can openers anywhere around our part of the county. Thank you, Vermont Country Store." - Drema Cooper, Hinton, WV