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Mrs. Beasley Doll

Limited Edition Mrs. Beasley From TV’s “Family Affair”

Mrs. Beasley Doll

Limited Edition Mrs. Beasley From TV’s “Family Affair”

WAS:  $120.00
NOW: $95.99
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Mrs. Beasley Doll …

"My daughter's best friend for many years. Mrs. Beasley was in storage at the time of a family breakup and was lost forever. I was looking at your catalog and came across the listing for Mrs. Beasley. About an hour latter, Chris, my daughter, called and said, ""I was just looking at the Vermont Country Store catalog. All the things that remind me of Christmases past and there was Mrs Beasley!"" Tears came to her eyes as she remembered. I said I would send her Beasley for Christmas. She said that would be too much, just for a memory. Upon looking at my calendar, I noted she has a birthday soon. I think I will get it for her and send a card that she is to care for Mrs. Beasley until there is a granddaughter to care for her. Chris has two teenage sons. Maybe 10 years will be long enough for her to care for her once-best friend before she has to share." - Martha Platis, Morton, IL

"This was the last doll I received for Christmas as a child. We had a flood in our basement and she was destroyed and I was absolutely heartbroken even though it happened when I was 13 years old. I had thought about her over the years and always said that she was my favorite Christmas present ever. A couple of years ago my husband spotted her in your catalog and got her for me for Christmas and I just cried when I open her. I have her sitting in my bedroom all the time now and all my friends ask me about her when they come to visit. One of my friends wanted to know where I got her because hers also was also destroyed. I gave her my Vermont Country Store catalog and her parents are getting her one this year. We are 48 years old and still loving this doll. Thank you so much!!" - Carol Olmstead, Carrollton, IL

"Oh my goodness! I always respond to my favorite childhood toy, Mrs. Beasley. Now, to find her at the Vermont Country Store. When I was very young, we had a house fire that took my first Mrs. Beasley and my Mom and Dad were so sweet to buy another for me that Christmas. I have always treasured the memories that I have talking with Mrs. Beasley as a child and hearing her voice as though she knew exactly what I was feeling... Thank you for bringing her back so more young girls will have the chance to love her and have her as their own little friend. I will be purchasing one for my treasure collection! Thank you and God Bless." - Elizabeth, Goose Creek, SC

"This is the first doll I remember getting from my Grandparents when I was 6. I took her everywhere and she was my best friend at that time. I never knew I would see her again; it makes me cry, I wish I could afford her. Your site is awesome; I just stumbled on it. I will be back when I get the money for my friend. Thanks for the Memories." - Janet, RICHLAND, WA

"I'm 45 and I still have the one my grandparents gave me one Christmas when I was a little kid. I took her every place that I went,and now she sits on a special chair in my home.That doll made my Christmas, and I also got to meet the girl from Family Affair at Rich's (now Macy's) in downtown Atlanta." - joan whitworth, acworth, GA

"In the '60s when Mrs. Beasley first came out, my daughter Renee' HAD to have one. There were none where we lived in Meridian, MS. A friend was going to Jackson, MS, shopping and found a Mrs. Beasley for me. I think she was about $50 at that time. Needless to say that was like $500 then, BUT we managed and our youngest child got a Mrs. Beasley for Christmas. Over the years she got lost and Renee' has wanted another one. She'll be 47 on Dec. 2nd and I'll love to see her eyes light up when she sees her "new" old friend." - Linda Webber, Mobile, AL

"My Aunt Lori had Mrs. Beasley for her favorite doll when we were growing up together. I will never forget her love for her. My grandma gave her everything that she deserved as a little girl, which made her grow up to be a wonderful mom herself. She shared everything with me. If I wanted Mrs. Beasley, she made it more easy for a little girl to have fun. So when I send this to her I can hardly wait to hear from her. She will be so excited. She's over 40 now but it won't matter. Thank you again." - BRENDA JEAN REEVES, MARYSVILLE, WA

"When I was little my favorite show was Family Affair -- I just loved Cissy, Buffy, Jody, Mr. French, and Uncle Bill. I had a small Buffy doll with a mini Mrs. Beasley, and I played with them for many years before growing up and packing them away (yes, I still have Buffy; Mrs. Beasley got lost somewhere in the attic). A few years ago, my cousin found Mrs. Beasley on your website and surprised me with it for Christmas. I was thrilled! It brought back such happy memories of us watching the show. I'm 48 now and I love seeing all the things from Christmases past!" - Karen L, Islip, NY

"As others have mentioned, Mrs. Beasley was one of my all-time favorite friends. I remember watching Family Affair as a little girl; I'm now 48. Anyway, I loved dolls, and acquired quite a collection--including Mrs. Beasley. BUT somehow, my friend came up missing when I pulled them all out to display and show my own kids. Last year, after talking with mom about it, a new Mrs. B. showed up for my birthday. You're never too old for a friend like Mrs. Beasley! Good to be reunited! - Karel, Charlotte, NC

"I still have my original Mrs. Beasley doll. I love her so much. Would love to have another." - Cynthia Dianne Lilly, Alexander City, AL

"I always watched Family Affair on TV for many years when I was a kid. I always loved that show. I had to have a Mrs. Beasley doll. I loved that doll. My mom went to a nearby doll store and bought me that Mrs. Beasley doll. She is sitting in my bedroom on top of my cedar chest. I am 54 years old and I still love my Mrs. Beasley doll and now want another one." - Patricia Shafer, Pawcatuck, CT