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Garlic Animal Repellents

Keep Garden Pests At Bay With All-Natural Garlic Repellents

Garlic Animal Repellents

Keep Garden Pests At Bay With All-Natural Garlic Repellents

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If your garden is overrun with gophers, moles, deer, or rabbits, don't despair! Simply attach these effective garlic clips to plants, fences, or sticks, or simply place on the ground to repel deer and rabbits. For gophers and moles, drop the garlic stake into the gopher or mole hole and let the powerful sulfur compounds do their job. Most garden pests find the strong aroma of garlic to be so offensive they’ll simply move on. The animal repellents are specially designed with a plastic top that keeps rain and moisture out, and biodegrades after time. Each lasts 10 to 12 months. Set of 25 chemical-free garlic repellents. Made in the USA.

  • Powerful garlic aroma known to repel deer, rabbits, gophers, and moles
  • Formulated with organic food-grade ingredients
  • Each repellent lasts 10-to-12 months
  • Keeps garden pests from overrunning your garden
  • Attach clip to surrounds to repel deer and rabbits; drop stake into mole and gopher holes

Keep trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables safe from garden pests with all-natural garlic repellents.

Garlic Animal Repellents


Natural oils contained in a biodegradable polypropylene body.


Complete instructions are on the package. Deer/Rabbit Clip: Break the barrier on the repellent clip with the enclosed tool and place about 4ft apart around the area to be protected. Gopher/Mole repeller: remove stopper and drop stick down the gopher hole.

Sizing & Specifications

Manufactured In: USA

Material - Country Of Origin: China/USA