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Cast Iron Skillets (Set of 2 Skillets)

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware, Sized for Small Households, Retains Heat and Cooks Evenly on Stove Top or in the Oven

Cast Iron Skillets (Set of 2 Skillets)

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware, Sized for Small Households, Retains Heat and Cooks Evenly on Stove Top or in the Oven

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You can't beat the versatility, durability, and price of this cast iron cookware. Pre-seasoned with soybean oil to keep foods from sticking and to prevent rust, the skillets adeptly retain heat and distribute it evenly for optimal sauteing, browning, and more, and can be used both on the stove top or in the oven. At 8" and 6½" in diameter, this nearly indestructible set of skillets is ideal for small households.

  • Preseasoned
  • Set of two includes an 8" and 6½" skillet

We think you’ll agree, no kitchen should be without these versatile cast iron skillets.

Cast Iron Skillets (Set of 2 Skillets)


Cast Iron


Cookware has been preseasoned and is ready for use. Store your cast iron cookware in a cool dry location.

Sizing & Specifications

Assembly Required: N

Cord Polarized: N


Manufactured In: China

Material - Country Of Origin: China

This product is currently not available.
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Lovers of Cast Iron Cooking We are a two person household and the sizes of these skillets are perfect for preparing smaller portion sizes. I contacted the Vermont Country Store Live Chat service during the ordering process so that I could get the length, width and depth of each skillet to get a better idea of the sizes. This information was not posted on the web site. The smaller of the two will accommodate a single egg for frying. I have another small frying pan for frying a single egg, but, that one has a plastic handle and when the handle gets warm on the stove, a plastic smell starts to fill the kitchen as if the handle is starting to melt? No problem like this with this Cast Iron pan. The larger of the two skillets fits a standard size pre-made Hamburger Patty available in supermarkets. Its very easy to pop a single patty into the skillet and cook it in no time flat. Another advantage of cast iron is the weight. Our stove is in a high traffic kitchen area & there is little risk of knocking these skillets off the burner if someone walks by. Other lighter non stick skillets with plastic handles are easily bumped if the handle is hanging over the edge of the burner. I had no problem with sticking on first use and did not have to preseason the skillets. The skillets come with instructions on seasoning which is the standard instructions for seasoning cast iron. The only down side of these was that they are made in China. I Wish they were made in the USA! :-) October 14, 2013
GREAT SERVICE I order this set on 12/16/12, worried that I might not get in time for christmas!!! Worries set aside it arrived today 12/19/12. To my surprise I was very pleased with my purchase. I saw a similiar 3 piece set in another catalog - it was not seasoned and the person I was getting it for - I knew that would be something she would end of doing, so I choose Vermont Country Stores 2 piece set. I am sure she will enjoy and appreciate the fact that she can use w/o any additional work needing done!!!! VERY Pleased!!! I recommend it - came neatly packaged and looks very expensive!!! I'm so please and would highly recommend!!! December 19, 2012
Best for Steaks I love my cast iron cookware. If it is seasoned properly than it will last a lifetime. I think it cooks meats better than any other type of pan. It is also far cheaper than most other types of cookware. November 11, 2012
Not as I remember them growing up There must be something I missed. Used the pan for frying meat and it stuck badly to the pan. I thought preseasoned meant it was non stick. Still working on it as the idea is great. I grew up with my mom using this type of pan. Sorry. Helene October 31, 2012
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Cast Iron Skillets (Set of 2 Skillets) …

"I still have and use the skillets that belonged to my grandma and another that was my mother's. I'm in my late 50s and they still cook non-stick and heat evenly. Money could not buy them and not just because of sentimental reasons. They are the best cookware I own. I want to make sure that my son and sweet daughter-in-law have good cookware as well. I'm saving a bit at a time to be able to get them a set." - Pam Whited, Swords Creek, VA