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Floor and Carpet Sweeper

The Hardworking Ewbank Sweeper from England Cleans Carpet, Tile, and Flooring in a Jiffy

Floor and Carpet Sweeper

The Hardworking Ewbank Sweeper from England Cleans Carpet, Tile, and Flooring in a Jiffy

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What sets this floor and carpet sweeper apart from the others we've tested over the years, besides the fact that it's made by Ewbank, the British concern renowned for quality sweepers since 1880? It cleans better than other manual floor and carpet sweepers thanks to: the combination of long-life natural bristles; the settings for long pile carpet, short pile carpet, tile, and floor; a wide 9¼" sweeping path; and a coated steel handle that drops flat so you can reach under the couch or bed or other hard-to-reach areas. This Ewbank sweeper also has a single lever on top that opens the dustpan (with other models you need to fumble underneath with your hands). Color may vary (black or silver). 48½".

  • Ewbank sweeper has settings for long pile carpet, short pile carpet, tile, and floor
  • Floor and carpet sweeper has an automatic brush cleaner
  • Sweeper features a protective all-around furniture and wall guard

At The Vermont Country Store, discover the best of the best for your home, like this floor and carpet sweeper. With lots of thoughtfully designed conveniences and better cleaning capabilities, this Ewbank sweeper can't be beat.

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Floor and Carpet Sweeper


Unit is a durable plastic.


Wipe down with a damp cloth, use soap and water if necessary.

Sizing & Specifications

Assembly Required: Y

Cord Polarized: N


Manufactured In: England

Material - Country Of Origin: England

This product is currently not available.
Floor and Carpet Sweeper 5 5 4 4
Allergy savior My bagless vacuum was not working properly and everytime I cleaned the receptacle I was miserable with dust allergies for days. I bought this carpet sweeper and it does a much better job than the vacuum in picking up hair. crumbs, etc and I can empty it right into my garbage can. It is so light and convenient that I use it almost daily to touch up and will use the vacuum maybe once a month for a "deeper" clean. It even picks up hair off the tiled bathroom floor. It is a bit pricey but well worth it. January 2, 2013
As easy as 1,2,3. "on time delivery, easy assembly, better than expected results." December 26, 2012
cat hair and carpet cleaning I have five cats who can do no wrong but they do leave their little kitty hairs all over my priceless family heirloom oriental rugs, which by the way, cannot be vacuumed by today's modern vacuum cleaners because these machines pull out the delicately woven fibers. OH! What to do! The Ewbank Sweeper is the answer. Actually easier to push than a regular vacuum cleaner, it gets up those tiny kitty hairs in a jiff. I have always used carpet sweepers on these rugs and the Ewbank is the best so far because of its sturdy bristles and its adjustable height. And somehow, it has the brains to not mess with the fringe and the ends of the rugs. September 4, 2012
This works well I bought this because my cat is scared of the vacuum. This works almost as well for picking up most things on the carpet, and she isn't scared of it because there is no noise. I wish the price was lower, but it is worth it for what it does. Not only would I recommend one, but I would buy one again if I needed to. August 21, 2012
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Floor and Carpet Sweeper …

"Your multisweep will pick up just about anything, including even big chunks of bird food, like peanuts in their shells. Also picks up shreds of paper--I could go on forever." - C., Lewiston,

"I love the fact that this sweeper has a handle that doesn't come off. I love this sweeper because it is great at picking up cat hair on my rugs. The one disappointment -- it does not pick up debris on the kitchen floor -- it just shoves it around. Not quite sure why. Keeping it, though, for the rug and the handle." - Laura, bowie, MD

"The self-cleaning feature of the brushes works like magic! I couldn't believe it. It is so easy to run through my apartment on days I don't have time or inclination to vacuum." - Barbara Martin, Lancaster, CA