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Pilgrims and Turkey Candle Set

Continue a Tradition with Our Pilgrims and Turkey Candle Set

Pilgrims and Turkey Candle Set

Continue a Tradition with Our Pilgrims and Turkey Candle Set

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Childhood reminders. My Great-Grandmother gave me a Pilgrim girl similar to this along with a Caroler when I was a child, because I always liked to play with them at her house at the holidays. I was so glad to see these being reproduced, it brought back wonderful memories! Needless to say I not only bought these, but also the Carolers and the Santa sets. December 11, 2012
Thankgiving Table Setting The figures reminded me of simpler times long ago! They were a hit at our huge Thanksgiving Feast!!! November 25, 2012
Through the Yearsr This year my daughter married the man of her dreams. They celebrated their first Thanksgiving together this year. I sent them this set because it was the one my mom had and I thought that it would make a lovely keepsake. November 23, 2012
Just like I remember Candles just like these were always on the table at my Grandmother and Grandfathers house. Now that my Grandparents have passed away we enjoy sharing memories about them during the holidays. Recently I purchased this candle set for my Mother's birthday and she was truly touched. Now I am buying another set for my Aunt so that we can each have a reminder of years past. November 12, 2012
Just like Mom's House These candles remind me of Thankgiving at my Mom's house when I was a child. These Candles were always put out on display every year. Mom and Dad since passed away since passed away and the house was sold, and eventually razed to make room for a CVS Pharmacy. Only memories like these candles remain. November 7, 2012
Fantastic Buys from Vermont Country Store I am very pleased with both purchases I have made from your store. Everything was just the way it was advertised and I was happy with how fast the items got to me. I have spoken to your customer service people and they are very pleasant and helpful and most of all efficient. I will be ordering more items from you. I also will be recommending you to my friends. October 24, 2012
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What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Pilgrims and Turkey Candle Set …

"My Mom just sent me these candles since I was always fascinated with the originals when I was a kid in the 70s (yes, she still has them). Now it would be great if you included the Indians that were part of the set too!" - Tricia, Valparaiso, IN

"I have memories of these very candles and they were passed down, well last year my dippy brother used them during a hurricane no more tradition. It was a sad end but maybe if I can this year I will buy another set." - Ricky, Satsuma, FL

"Oh my, they are just like the ones my grandma had for years. I still have them, except for the turkey. She didn't have much in the way of decorations, but she loved candles (unlit) to put on the Thanksgiving table and the honeycomb turkey centerpiece. It was such a thrill to find them when we cleaned out her house six years ago. They grace my table now. I also have the little Halloween witch too. They still have the paper tag on the bottoms, 15 cents each!!! I love the fact you reproduced them, and I'm getting a set for my daughter." - Karen, Manteo, NC

"I can remember buying an original set with my mom at Woolworth's in the early 60s. She has taken excellent care of them and each year brings them out of the cabinet at Halloween to display! I am so excited to now have an extra set. Thanks for allowing this tradition to continue." - Kim, Bowling Green, KY

"Could not believe it when I opened this email. I have the originals of these three candles. Every Thanksgiving I put them out. They are a little worse for wear. I am ordering 3 sets of these candles, as they mean a lot to my 2 daughters, too. They will be so thrilled Christmas morning when they receive them." - Rosemary Lloyd, Amenia, NY

"I so remember these as I STILL have the set from the newly married days of 1960 & they are now in a glass curio cabinet. As we all enjoy each "turkey" time we take them out & enjoy the memories... So nice to see that the customers can still obtain them–thanks!" - Jean, Milford, MA

"I was born on the Sunday before Thanksgiving in 1958. My mother was given the Pilgrim and Turkey Candles and a small cornucopia with her dinner on Thanksgiving Day in the hospital. Of course she brought them home and put them out every Thanksgiving when I was growing up. I still have the originals, but I'm so glad to be able to buy "new" ones to celebrate my Thanksgiving week birthday." - Jean, Yorktown Heights, NY

"I can remember having these candles on our family table on Thanksgiving when I was a little girl...over 50 years ago...and when I saw that you had recreated them, I was filled with happy memories, and I had to have a set to share with my children and grandchildren." - Kimberly Morrow, Peru, IN

"I am so glad you are bringing these back. As a child I remember seeing them on the table at Thanksgiving, and it brings back wonderful memories for me! I plan to buy a set! Now my Thanksgiving table will be complete! Thanks for the memories!!" - Marlene Ansley, Clarksburg, MA

"I have the two pilgrims as yet..from MANY years ago.I just put them out last week with my TG decorations. I use them each year..and have for a long time." - Mary, Appleton, WI

"For some reason, this year above other years, I've been quite nostalgic over special events from when I was a young girl. Seeing these candles reminds me of the festive table my Mom always set for Thanksgiving. We used colorful orange plates, the "for-good" cloth napkins, and these adorable candles at each place setting. I loved these then and I love seeing them now. Thanks for keeping old traditions alive!" - Nathelle Gross, Sagle, ID

"I fondly remember the pilgrims on the dining room table during Mom & Dad's many family Thanksgiving meals. During our estate sale, my brother asked to keep them since he and his wife have many of the holiday dinners now. I was very happy that he took them. Now I want to start a new 'tradition,' and I'm buying a set for our daughter. Family traditions are very important to 'pass on.' Thank you for this fond memory of our family Thanksgiving dinners." - Rhonda, Clinton Twp., MI

"I was looking online at your Thanksgiving items. There were my Pilgrim Set, the girl, boy, and the turkey that I have had for just about 40 years. On the bottom of each, the cost is 15 cents and it says they were made at the Gurley Candle Co in Buffalo, NY. I use them every Thanksgiving, never having burned them. What a delightful surprise!!" - Sylvia, Upatoi, GA

"This is a wonderful memory from my childhood and is still wonderful today....I love them very much....." - GAYLE HANSON, HILLIARD, OH

"The Gurley Candles I remember so well from my youth: the Pilgrim couple and the turkey, the Indian chief, the Indian brave and his wife; the angel baby in the moon, Santa and his elves, the skating snowman, the snowman with a broom, the laughing Santa, a Christmas lamppost, the blond praying angel, the carolers; the yellow Easter rabbit in his top hat, the pink birdhouse bird, the Easter-scene egg with a white bunny inside, the Easter lily, the saucy little smiling bunny; the Halloween witch, the orange cat on a black fence, the wise old owl, the pumpkin-head man, the hollow jack-o'-lantern with the little orange candle inside, the little ghosts carrying pumpkins . . . all these I still have today. Each was 15 cents from Gurley. Every holiday of the year in my life celebrated with little candles. Each was carefully wrapped for the next season and cherished, even as some inevitably lost their shape in the heat of the desert. My newer reproductions are treated just as tenderly to last a lifetime." - Elisa Michaels, Tucson, AZ

"I am so very happy to see these wonderful Thanksgiving candles - the pilgrim girl, boy, and turkey. My Mom and Dad had the set with the Indian and the boat. I have found several different ones at garage sales and several resale shops, and have rejoiced at the memories. Thank you for bringing all these memories back to everyone who has a set or will be purchasing a set. Thank you again. I also have the candles with the leaves and acorns." - Angela, Unity, WI